CBC Sponsors Monet Reception To Thank Clients

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CBC Sponsors Monet Reception & Private Viewing

CBC guests
CBC guests make their way down the museum steps to the elegant reception setting.

What better way to say thank you than with a historic viewing of 50 of the paintings of French Impressionist Claude Monet?   CBC held a reception and hosted a private viewing of the Monet in Normandy exhibit at the N.C. Museum of Art on Wednesday, November 8, 2006, at 6:30pm. 

“We thought this would be a neat way to say thank you to our clients, CBC sales team and other CBC staff,” said CBC NMG Vice President & General Manager Jimmy Goodmon as he greeted the group at the reception.

“The exhibition has a symbolic meaning to this community,” said Goodmon.  “No other museum of this size has ever put together a Monet exhibition of this size.”

WRAL-TV sales staffers & some of CBC’s clients and guests take a turn at the buffet.
Guests mingle at the reception before tours begin.
Lisa & Chris Thompson
WRAL-TV’s Chris Thompson (center) & his wife, Lisa, talk about the Monet exhibit with fellow guests.

“Beyond the beauty of art is vision,” said Goodmon.  “[This shows that] with partnerships anything is possible.” CBC is a proud sponsor of the Monet in Normandy exhibition.

NCMA Curator of European Art David Steel, also the curator of Monet in Normandy, spoke to the group before they began tours of the exhibition. 

David Steel
NCMA’s David Steel, curator of Monet in Normandy, thanks CBC for their corporate sponsorship, which helped make the exhibition possible.
Leslies & Carlsons
WRAL-TV’s Bill Leslie (l to r) and his wife, Cindy, visit with WRAL-TV’s Kelcey Carlson and her husband, Dave Kent.

“We knew it would be expensive,” said Steel.  “The insurance costs alone…you can dream big and you’d still miss it.”  He said the museum knew it would need sponsorships and that “CBC stepped right in.  It couldn’t have happened without you.”

Monet is revered as one of the most popular artists of all time.  Steel says that popularity is also a curse.  “You think you know Monet,” he said, “but when you find yourself face to face with 50 paintings, you’ll realize you don’t know Monet.”

Monet in Normandy will be on exhibit at the NCMA until January 14, 2007. You won’t want to miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance to see some of Monet’s greatest works, some on display in public for the very first time.


Laura Stillman & Libby Marshall
WRAL-TV’s Laura Stillman (left) gets greetings and a nametag from NMG’s Libby Marshall at the check in table.
Greg Fishel & Gerald Owens
WRAL-TV’s Greg Fishel (left) & Gerald Owens get a chance to visit away from the newsroom.
Shawn Harris & Will Davis
WJZY’s Shawn Harris (left) & Will Davis made the trek from Charlotte to attend the event.

Tips to Visiting the Monet in Normandy Exhibition

  1. Grainstacka t Sunset (1891)
    Grainstack at Sunset (1891)

    Join the Museum. By becoming a new member, you can attend the exhibition for free!  Members also get discounts in the Museum shop and restaurant.

  2. Look at the paintings close up, and then back up slowly and see how the painting changes.  From 2 feet, the closest you can get, you can see the brush strokes.  From 6-8 feet, you’ll see the entire composition.
  3. See the Exhibition more than once.  You’ll see things the second or third time around that you never noticed on your first visit.
  4. Time slots to view the exhibit are filling up fast, so plan ahead.
Jimmy Goodmon
NMG’s Jimmy Goodmon tells the crowd, “I’m not an art person, but I’m drawn to this exhibit.”
Wallaces & Gregorys
WRAL-FM is well-represented with (l to r): Elizabeth Wallace, wife of WRAL-FM’s Robert Wallace, Ron Gregory, husband of WRAL-FM’s Ardie Gregory & their daughter, Dani.
A pianist provides a backdrop of music for the elegant reception and the touring of the Monet exhibition.
Paula Williams
CBC guest Paula Williams makes her way at the buffet.
Reception overview
The reception took place just down the steps after the NCMA’s main entrance. After the reception the crowd moved to the floor below for the Monet tours.
Rob Hankin
NCNN’s Rob Hankin (right) takes a trip through the buffet line.

CBC guests nosh on their buffet goodies before taking in the exhibit.
Monet In Normandy Waterliles 1914
Waterlilies (1914)

POSTED: November 10, 2006

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