Wear Red For Your Heart On Friday, February 2nd

Wear Red For Your Heart On Friday, February 2nd

Wear Red Friday, February 2, 2007, is National Wear Red Day—a day when Americans nationwide will take women’s health to heart by wearing red to show their support for women’s heart disease awareness.   Although significant progress has been made in increasing awareness among women from 34 percent in 2000 to 55 percent in 2005—most women fail to make the connection between risk factors and their personal risk of developing heart disease.

Go Red for Women logoNational Wear Red Day is an annual event held on the first Friday in February.  On this day, women and men across the country will wear red to unite in the national movement to give women a personal and urgent wake-up call about their risk of heart disease.  Everyone can participate by showing off a favorite red dress, shirt, or tie, or by wearing the Red Dress Pin (available at www.hearttruth.gov).

Join this national effort by wearing red on February 2, and encourage your family, friends, and coworkers to do the same.  

In order to wipe out heart disease in women, AHA asks you to take action by taking the Go Red For Women Heart Checkup. This comprehensive evaluation of your overall heart health can help you now and in the future. 

By knowing your numbers and assessing your risks today, you can work with your doctor to significantly reduce your chances of getting heart disease tomorrow, next year or thirty years from now. After you take it, pass it onto your mother, your daughter, your sister or your friend. Know your numbers – save a life.

CBC’s Community Profile for February 2007 is the American Heart Association & the Go Red For Women. Learn more about them here.

Thanks to the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
& Go Red for Women for this capcom story.

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