NC Central Play First Baseball Game Since 1975, at the Bulls

Durham Bulls logo NC Central Play First Baseball Game Since 1975, at the Bulls
DBAP Serving as Home Field for New Team
NC Central Baseball
The NC Central Eagles play their first baseball game since 1975. The new team is calling the DBAP home for now.

North Carolina Central University made history on February 7, 2007, all with the help of the Durham Bulls.   NCCU played its first baseball game in 32 years, and they played on the field at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

NCCU is in the process of moving from NCAA Division II to Division I.  In order to make the leap, the school needed one more sport.  Their answer?  Baseball!

Henry White signed on to coach the Eagles baseball squad.  Half of his roster is made up of freshmen, but he expects the team to compete.  They kicked off their historic season on Wednesday, February 7th at 2pm against Wingate.  The Eagles lost 9-1, but the underdogs feel good about their prospects.

“We’re just trying to make some history,” said sophomore right fielder Oliver Jenkins.  “We’ve established it with the football team, and now we’re trying to do it with baseball.”  Oliver is also the school’s football long-snapper.

The Eagles will call the Durham Bulls Athletic Park home for the season, and possibly longer.  Their permanent home will be the Durham Athletic Park, the original home of the Bulls.  Renovations are underway.

“I haven’t had a single recruit turn me down after I showed them where we were going to play,” said White. “And we’re getting calls from all kinds of schools that want to play us in this ballpark. The Durham Bulls’ organization has been outstanding in the way they’ve helped us.” 

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom photo.

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