Who Wants To Raise A Million? MIX 101.5 & 99.9 Genuine Country Raise the Roof on the Radiothon for the Kids at Duke

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Who Wants To Raise A Million?  MIX 101.5 & 99.9 Genuine Country Raise the Roof on the Radiothon for the Kids at Duke

Bill Jordan & Sheri Logan
WRAL-FM’s Bill Jordan (left) & Sheri Logan work hard year after year on the Duke Radiothon.
Bob Johnson & Vince Daniels
99.9 Genuine Country’s Vince Daniels (right) gets into the action for the first time in 2007, on the air with Bob Johnson of the Duke Miracle Network.

Two efforts really are better than one, and the proof is in WRAL-FM MIX 101.5’s Radiothon for the Kids at Duke Children’s Hospital.   WRAL-FM brought in sister-station 99.9 Genuine Country to the mix and together they raised a record-breaking $1,004,591.99 during the 2007 event.  Simply staggering.

“What an outstanding job done by all of those in front of the microphones and cameras and to the amazing support efforts of everyone behind the scenes,” said WRAL-FM & WCMC-FM Vice President & General Manager Ardie Gregory.  “We raised $1,004,591.99 in three days, an amazing amount that could only happen with the combined labor of love of all involved.”

Duke Children’s Hospital Executive Director of Planning & Development was overwhelmed with the results, saying that topping the million dollar mark is remarkable for a market of this size.

Jim Kelly
MIX’s Jim Kelly (left) gets into the spirit of the radiothon.
Vanna Fox
MIX’s Vanna Fox (left) visits with a young friend at Duke.

“It goes without saying that this kind of thing does not happen without the coordinated efforts of a lot of great people,” Baroff continued.  “We owe a great debt of gratitude to our good friends at Capitol Broadcasting (MIX 101.5, Genuine Country 99.9, and WRAL TV) and we also recognize the contributions of the Duke Children’s and Duke Medicine staff, as well as our loyal army of volunteers from all over the region.  And I would certainly be remiss if I did not recognize the ‘24-7’ efforts of the Duke Children’s Development staff, the essential backbone of all of our events!”

Kids helping kids
Kids help kids, bringing in donations in person.
MIX staffers on phone bank
MIX sales staffers help man the phone bank.
Sheri Logan
Sheri Logan shares a laugh with a Duke patient.

The funds raised will go to support and provide many valuable programs and services at Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center.

Phone bank
Volunteers man the phone bank during the 3-day event.
David Crabtree with Bill & Sheri
MIX’s Bill & Sheri (right) chat with WRAL-TV’s David Crabtree (left) on the air.

MIX 101.5 aired live from Duke Children’s Hospital on Tuesday, February 13 – Thursday, February 15, and WCMC joined them on both Wednesday & Thursday.  On-air personalities for both stations interviewed parents, children & staffers at Duke, sharing personal stories about the work at the hospital.  A phone bank accepted calls during the event, and both stations’ websites hawked online pledges as well.

Thanks to WRAL-FM for these capcom photos.

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