BroadRamp Partners with Microspace for Satellite Transmission Services

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BroadRamp Partners with Microspace for Satellite Transmission Services

Broadramp logo BroadRamp Inc., inventor of the only seamless, universal multimedia content and application delivery platform, recently announced a cooperative business development relationship with Microspace, the world’s largest provider of broadcast video, data and audio satellite services for business applications.

BroadRamp CDS™ delivers rich multimedia content over a broadband Internet connection and a standard Internet browser, eliminating the need for a traditional media player. Users can experience instantaneous, high-resolution, large-screen multimedia content without having to select a media player to install or wait for typical download and caching of the media file.

Microspace is a leading provider of satellite-based business communications networks, using VELOCITY® technology for broadcasting video/data content to locations everywhere. A number of Fortune 500 companies rely on Microspace to deliver their business-critical video content. Microspace’s data clients represent the elite of the data broadcasting industry, with the market leaders of financial information, weather information, paging and many others using the technology.

BroadRamp’s CDS™ content delivery system can significantly reduce the overall storage and bandwidth normally required to deliver streaming media content in place of traditional media player offerings. Additionally, CDS™ content streams can be rapidly deployed on a normal web server infrastructure rather than requiring expensive streaming media server hardware and associated software licensing. There are also compelling efficiencies for large video streaming clients, as BroadRamp’s ‘Zero-Wait Push Technology™’ delivers only the video segment the end-user is actually viewing, not downloading, caching, and buffering the entire content stream, an inefficient approach utilized by all other streaming media platforms in the market today.

The collaboration will leverage each company’s relative strengths with the respective company’s client and prospect accounts. BroadRamp will provide streaming rich multimedia content delivery solutions to complement Microspace’s satellite services, which in turn will provide BroadRamp with a new IP-enabled transport solution for companies with widely disparate locations requiring streaming media services. BroadRamp’s technical team installed a small diameter satellite dish at their offices to establish a dedicated link between theirs and Microspace’s headquarters to ensure a 24-7 collaborative effort.

“Moving to satellite delivery of our CDS™ streaming media delivery platform extends our reach beyond standard broadband landline and wireless delivery,” stated Greg Nakagawa, CEO of BroadRamp. “Many of our large content providers can benefit from the ubiquitous presence enabled by Microspace’s robust satellite delivery network.”

“We’re excited about the opportunity to collaborate with BroadRamp to provide satellite transmission services to our mutual customers,” said Greg Hurt, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Microspace. “Their CDS™ content delivery platform has compelling benefits over traditional media delivery approaches, and it is vital we continue to partner with leading-edge media delivery companies such as BroadRamp.”

Thanks to MCC’s Carla Torrence for this capcom story.

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