Goodmon Regaled as Tribute for Healing Place

Goodmon Regaled as Tribute for Healing Place

Barbara Goodmon & John Arthur Green
Honoree Barbara Goodmon (left) chats with performer John Arthur Green.

How can one say thanks to a woman who helped create a facility to help thousands of Triangle citizens get clean and sober?  Throw an evening of star-studded entertainment to help raise funds for the organization about which she is so passionate and honor her in the process.   That’s exactly what The Healing Place of Wake County did when it held a Gala Salute to Barbara Goodmon on Wednesday, March 28, 2007.

The 6pm event at the RBC Center in Raleigh drew almost 550 guests and raised an estimated $150,000 for The Healing Place. 

Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble
The Chuck Davis African American Dance Ensemble gets into the action.
Beth Leavel
Tony award winner Beth Leavel belts out a tune in honor of Goodmon.
Jim & Barbara Goodmon
Jim (left) & Barbara Goodmon rise to their feet with an ovation for the evening’s performances.

“We wanted the crux of the event to really accomplish two things,” said Healing Place Development Director Allen Reep, the event organizer, “that when people left, they would talk about what a great time they had, and they would talk about the work of The Healing Place.”

They accomplished those two goals in spades.

A Line-Up Fit For a Queen
Once people found out about the Gala, many entertainers wanted to come.  Country singer Larry Gatlin served as the headliner.  His take on the evening was interesting because halfway through his set, he announced, “Hi, my name is Larry, and I’m an alcoholic.”  His down home touch and personal interaction with the crowd struck just the right note according to organizers.

The line-up included other noted performers who had a personal connection to Goodmon.
Actress Sharon Lawrence, daughter of former WRAL-TV Reporter Tom Lawrence, flew in from West Coast, rearranging filming of her starring role in the television series “Monk” to be a part of the event.  Tony award-winning actress Beth Leavel, daughter of former CBC employee Lynn Leavel, came in from NY.  Actor Terrence Mann, an old friend, came in because of Goodmon’s long time support of the arts.  Currently starring on Broadway as Mama Morton in Chicago, Roz Ryan also made the trip in honor of Goodmon, and list goes on.

Barbara Goodmon
Goodmon shares her love of The Healing Place with the guests who came to honor her.
Testimonials from Healing Place clients were central to the evening.
Roz Ryan & Sharon Lawrence
Roz Ryan (left) & Sharon Lawrence light up the stage with song.

“The gala was a labor of love for a lot of people,” said Reep.

“The entertainment was a good mix of message and fun, an uplifting evening, but entertaining,” said Reep.  “I think it was an appropriate way to honor Barbara.”

Tim Moss
Tim Moss, a former Healing Place resident, shares his success story and thanks to Barbara Goodmon.
Ester Nicolson
Ester Nicolson inspires the crowd with her song.
Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue
N.C. Lt. Governor Bev Perdue also offers words of praise for Goodmon and for The Healing Place itself.

The Message
Several speakers shared their own stories and inspirations from Barbara.  Tim Moss, a former client of The Healing Place who later went on to work at 5 On Your Side for WRAL-TV took the podium.  He is now a first year law student in Florida.  And Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue, now a member of The Healing Place board of advisors spoke, rearranged her busy schedule to be at the event in honor of Goodmon.  Perdue has been so inspired by the organization she asked why we don’t have Healing Place’s all over the state. 

“It was a wonderful event,” said CBC Administrative Assistant Angela Francioni, who works directly with Goodmon’s husband, Jim.  “The food and the entertainment were first class.  I am still in awe of the whole event.  It was a first-hand look at the people that have been through the program – each that spoke brought tears to my eyes with their heartwarming and touching thanks to Barbara and how she and the Healing Place has made a difference in their lives.  Wake County is very blessed to have The Healing Place and I hope it will only grow to other counties as well.”

A New Twist on An Old Idea: A Roast Without a Roast
The event came about through an idea from board member and former CBC Senior Vice President Fred Barber.  He and Maria Spaulding teamed with Barbara Goodmon to found The Healing Place.  Barber suggested honoring Goodmon as a way to raise awareness and funds for The Healing Place, and as a way to say thank you for all her hard work on behalf of the organization.

The orchestra plays a key role in the evening’s entertainment.
Larry Gatlin
Country singer Larry Gatlin headlines the gala event.
Staci Wallace
Mrs. North Carolina Staci Wallace is in the line-up.
Terrence Mann
Terrence Mann is animated as he makes his presentation.
The stage is set for an evening of entertainment and inspiration.
Sharon Lawrence
Actress Sharon Lawrence traveled from LA for the event.

Goodmon helped research the program, raise funds to build and open The Healing Place, and then stayed on the board through the opening of the women’s center.  She remains a passionate advocate for the center and those who use it today.

“Barbara was keystone,” said Reep.  “Instrumental in getting both centers off the ground and is one of the driving forces in the community for our facility.”

Feel like you were there
Check out the dynamic action with QuickTime videos from the event:

award Award Presentation
dancer African American
Dance Ensemble
Chuck Davis Chuck Davis Hugs Barbara Goodmon
Larry Gatlin Larry Gatlin Performs
Michael Goodmon
Michael Goodmon spoke a few words about his Mom.

Reaching Out
Almost half of the attendees at the gala were “corporate folk who really probably didn’t know what we were all about but because of the association with Barbara it was an opportunity to make some new corporate friends for the organization,” said Reep.  So even in an honor for her, Goodmon was ever an activist and advocate for her beloved Healing Place.

“It was heartwarming to see so many renowned performers sharing their talents and support for not only The Healing Place, but Barbara Goodmon as well,” said CBC Vice President of Human Resources Jan Sharp.  “Of course, Barbara is such an integral part of the success of The Healing Place that you couldn’t honor that success without honoring her.”

Both CBC and the A.J. Fletcher Foundation contributed as sponsors for the event.  Barbara Goodmon is the Executive Director of the A.J. Fletcher Foundation and is married to CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon.

Barbara Goodmon
Barbara Goodmon receives congratulations from her friends and well-wishers.
Jimmy Goodmon, Derek Jordan & Paul Pope
CBC’s Paul Pope (r to l) catches up with Goodmon’s son-in-law Derek Jordan & her son, Jimmy Goodmon.
Chuck Davis
Chuck Davis’ drummer keeps the beat going.
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