High Winds Destroy Famous Snorting Bull at DBAP

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High Winds Destroy Famous Snorting Bull at DBAP

Snorting Bull
The Famous Snorting Bull met its match in Mother Nature as her high winds did a number on his head on April 16th.

Over the last 13 seasons the Famous Snorting Bull that sits atop the Blue Monster at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park has survived a lot of direct hits from ballplayers aiming to win themselves a free steak, but today it met its match in Mother Nature.

High winds with gusts over 50 mph ripped the head off of the Bull early Monday morning, ending the run of the junior bovine. The original Snorting Bull, built for and made famous by the movie Bull Durham, was replaced in 1995 when the team moved from the old Durham Athletic Park to it’s new home on Blackwell St. It still sits on the first base side of the concourse.

“It was a sad sight to see when I arrived this morning,” Durham Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said, “Mother Nature did what some pretty strong ballplayers never could. I hope she doesn’t expect her free steak, though.”

Birling said the team has already contacted “veterinarian of sorts” to put the Famous Bull back together again.

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & photo.


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