North Carolina Associated Press Bestows Additional Awards on NCNN

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North Carolina Associated Press Bestows Additional Awards on NCNN

On Monday, the North Carolina Associated Press recognized NCNN with the top two prizes in its Enterprise/Documentary category.

When the 2007 broadcast awards were presented in April at Elon University, the Associated Press acknowledged that the entries for this category had been misplaced. NCNN and several public radio stations were asked to resubmit their work so that it could be judged and the award issued.

And with the judging now complete, the envelope please…..

The first place award in the Enterprise/Documentary category was awarded for the North Carolina Report documentary “Next Generation Hispanics.” The 30-minute program that aired in April 2006 examined the $9 billion impact Hispanics have on North Carolina.

The judges said: “It’s rare that we hear broadcast journalists take so much time and obvious care to craft such a distinctive and informative program on such a high-impact issue.  This program is loaded with research but never gets bogged down in numbers.  It’s loaded with a variety of voices, but the script is written so well that each fits in nicely.  The documentary is topped off with plenty of natural sound to create a sense of place (such as at the job fair) and high production values.  Tremendous job.”

Next Generation Hispanics was written and produced by Clayton Henkel and hosted by Bruce Ferrell.

Honorable mention in the category was awarded to the network’s other public affairs show, News & Views. In this special program “9/11: Five Years Later” host Chris Fitzsimon, reporter Matt Willoughby, and producer Clayton Henkel examined how safe we are as a nation five years after the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001.

The judges wrote: “The top of the program includes actualities written into a tight script, making for a good attention-grabber.  The documentary includes a nice variety of thought-provoking stories and interviews.  Great care was obviously taken to achieve balance.  Served as a good retrospective of the 2001 attacks — but without losing focus of the program’s central theme about what’s been learned over the past five years.”

NC Report and News & Views with Chris Fitzsimon can be heard on WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM, and many of NCNN’s affiliated stations on Sunday mornings. Both shows are also streamed off the NCNN website:

Thanks to NCNN’s Clayton Henkel for this capcom story.

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