Enloe Comes Out on Top in Brain Game Spring Finale

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Enloe Comes Out on Top in Brain Game Spring Finale

Mark Roberts & Enloe team
WRAL-TV’s Mark Roberts (left) congratulates Brain Game champs Enloe High School.

High school students from all across the WRAL-TV viewing area get brainy every Saturday morning, and now one school has proved itself the brainiest.   The Brain Game season came to a close with the spring championship round on Saturday, May 26, 2007, and Enloe High School in Raleigh came out on top.

The Brain Game is now in its 10th year.  The local game show hosts teams of ninth- and 10th-grade contestants.  The content for the program comes from courses taken by those level students throughout the state.  The students face questions on everything from math and science to art and current events.

Tim King
WRAL-TV’s Tim King (left) opens the brand new laptop prize.

The game may be serious, but its not always all solemn faces.  According to Brain Game host Mark Roberts, the funniest, pressure relieving moment from the whole championship came from a student from Clayton High School.  As the intense round wound down, Roberts reeled off a list of women’s colleges and asked, “”Which specific group of students were these colleges intended to serve?”  A young man from Clayton hit his buzzer, paused, and then blurted out, “Chicks!”  The whole place broke up; the judges accepted the answer.

The 2007 season saw 42 teams in competition in 14 regular season contests.  The top nine scoring teams qualified for the Brain Game Playoffs, which ran throughout May, culminating with the final three on the last Saturday of the month.

Mark Roberts intros
Roberts allows the students from each school to introduce themselves.

Laptop presentation
Roberts presents the laptop to the winning team, Enloe.

“From the playoff round which we’ve just completed, I am simply amazed at the math skills of these smart high schoolers,” said WRAL-TV Trafficologist Mark Roberts, host of the show.  “They are like human calculators. I asked one kid from Enloe if he would consider doing my taxes next year! We had team scores ranging from over 600 down to 20, but every team did its best. Several smart young students expressed an interest in being Trafficologists in the future…I urged them…get into computers or medicine or something.”

As champs, the Enloe team won a Lenovo laptop for their school and an i-Pod for each of the team members.

Brain Game airs on WRAL-TV at 11:30am on Saturday mornings.  The show consistently wins its time slot.

Mark Roberts
Mark Roberts dishes out the questions on Brain Game.
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Congratulations to Enloe for a winning season!

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Jeff Reeves for these capcom photos.


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