WRAListens to Halifax County

WRAL-TV WRAListens to Halifax County
Half-Hour Program Airs on Sat, June 9th
Charlie Gaddy & Panel
WRAListens host Charlie Gaddy addresses the panel.

WRAL-TV continued its tour of North Carolina counties in our viewing area with a recent visit to Halifax County.   WRAL talked to county leaders & residents about various issues specific to their region and compiled the taping for a half-hour special.  WRAListens Halifax County airs Saturday, June 9, 2007, at 7pm.

Retired WRAL-TV Anchor Charlie Gaddy hosts the program which included seven citizens from Halifax County, including the Mayor of Roanoke Rapids, Superintendent of Weldon City Schools and Publisher of the Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald.

Getting ready
WRAL-TV Producer/Director Clarence Williams (right) & Charlie Gaddy prepare before the guests arrive.
Richard Adkins
WRAL-TV Photographer Richard Adkins (center) mic’s the guests as the camera gets ready to roll.

The group discussed workforce and economic development, growth, the transition from a manufacturing textile community to a tourism destination economy, and public education.  The taping took place in late May at the Randy Parton Theatre.

“I really enjoyed participating,” said Halifax County Judicial District Manager Vernon Bryant.  “I have to admit it was just like you had said-interview was very relaxed. Hope that you and the staff can visit again.”

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WRAL-TV is adding a new feature to WRAListens this month.  The station has found it doesn’t have enough time in the half-hour Listens program for each participant to be fully heard on issues relevant to their county.  So, WRAL.com will now offer longer cuts of the answers from each panelist via streaming video.  WRAListens Halifax County will be the inaugural program with extended video on WRAL.com.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Richard Adkins for these capcom photos.



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