Read – and Watch: LTW Adds Video Features, Interviews to Content Lineup

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Read – and Watch: LTW Adds Video Features, Interviews to Content Lineup

The time has come for WRAL Local Tech Wire to take the next step in its now 5 ½ year history in terms of providing content to readers.

WRAL Local Tech Wire logoOn Monday, June 11, 2007, WRAL’s Local Tech Wire formally launched not one, but two, regular video features as part of its content lineup.

At approximately 8am each business day, LTW now offers an update about news of the moment. For example, the inaugural subject is free speech and businesses involved in operations overseas with Yahoo entangled in a lawsuit about its acknowledged providing of information that led to the imprisonment of a reporter in China.

Local Tech Wire homepage
Local Tech Wire now includes video on its site.

Then around noon each day LTW airs a feature interview with a leader – or leaders – in the technology business. Several interviews have already been posted online, with subject matter ranging from information security to marketing and corporate wellness.

The intent of providing these videos is to augment the content LTW already provides with additional news and information.

Given that LTW is part of Capitol Broadcasting and, adding video, and over time, additional multimedia features makes sense. LTW is responding to a growing number of requests from readers to provide information in more ways, and we hope you watch.

See For Yourself:

To help readers and viewers, we’ve also created a special page where the 15 most recent videos will be available. All the videos will be archived and can be found through use of LTW’s Web site search engine.

The daily videos also are made available on demand through on the Business page.

What about podcasts? LTW is working on that offering as well.

Suggestions on interview topics are welcome. So is feedback on how to make these features better.

Thanks to CBC NMG’s Rick Smith for this capcom story.


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