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Durham Bulls logo Get the Latest Scoop on the Bulls

Holding on to second place in the International League’s Southern division, the Durham Bulls are entertaining fans as the summer progresses.   As the temperature continues to rise, the Bulls continue to be a hot topic in the news.  Here are  few of the latest headlines.

Profile of the Man Behind the Perfectly Mown Grass

Justin Ruggiano
Durham Bulls Outfielder Justin Ruggiano

Bulls Join Minor League Teams To Get Cable to Carry Mid-Atlantic Sports Network

From in Raleigh: Bulls, Other Clubs Ask Time Warner To Carry Orioles, Nats Network

Report on Futures Game, Bulls Jeff Niemann a Starter

Bulls Ruggiano to Replace Jeff Niemann on Triple-A All-Star Roster – Niemann Unable to Pitch Because of Futures Game

Bulls Get Ink in Richmond Article About Minor League Nicknames


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