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New Local Community Launched on WRAL.com

GOLO logo WRAL.com launched a brand new tool for Triangle surfers on Monday, July 2, 2007.   GOLO is a new user community that allows registered users to interact with WRAL on a whole new level.

Through GOLO members can create their own profiles, start blogs, build and share photo galleries and connect with the community

Only in its first couple of weeks, GOLO is already up to 451 profiles, 167 blogs and 56 image galleries, and the numbers are growing by the day.  Two of the most popular profiles are those of WRAL-TV Web Host/Producer Brian Shrader and WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Bill Leslie.

Bill Leslie GOLO profile
GOLO members can create personal profiles. WRAL-TV Anchor Bill Leslie has already put his profile up on the site.

“The camaraderie among members is an indicator that we are on to something big and that this community wants a place on the web where they can connect locally,” said CBC New Media & GOLO Managing Editor Angela Connor.  “Sites like Facebook and MySpace connect people globally, but GOLO brings people a little closer to home, and there’s a lot to be shared on a local level.”

GOLO’s catchphrase?  Go Local.  Talk Local.  Share Local.

“This is an exciting new venture for us,” said GOLO Project Manager John Conway.  “Few, if any, broadcast Web sites have developed true community-generated sites, so we are inventing many of the rules as we go along.”

Early GOLO users have embraced the personal profiles and commenting tools.  They come to GOLO to read the comments of regular contributors and to leave messages for other members.

“GOLO is a work in progress,” said Conway.  “New tools for creating content and interacting with user will be released in the coming months.”

GOLO is another way WRAL-TV can connect with its audience and provide viewers and WRAL.com visitors a way to respond to news and each other.

“With GOLO, we are giving the community tools to create content and interact with each other under the WRAL.com umbrella.  While we will help GOLO grow, the community of users will be taking the lead.”


POSTED: July 19, 2007

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