NCNN Examines “The Quest for Care”

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In 2001, the General Assembly adopted significant reforms to restructure the delivery of services to individuals with mental illnesses. The foundation for this reform called for a decreased reliance on state institutions in favor of local services.

Six years later, many families say they are overwhelmed by these changes.

Rural, low-wealth counties are struggling to provide services and housing.

State officials say with more time and more accountability the initiative will work.

In “The Quest for Care” the North Carolina News Network examines how efforts to reform the mental health care system have left many in limbo.

The seven-part series follows three families and their quest to find quality care for their children.

Mental health advocates discuss shortcomings in the current system, and private providers share their concerns as state hospitals are poised to close.

WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM, and affiliates of the North Carolina News Network will air the series the weekend of September 21st, 22nd, and 23rd.

The series will also be available online starting September 24th. Visit:

Thanks to NCNN’s Clayton Henkel for this capcom story.


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