Winning Non-Profits Collect WRAL Azaleas in 2007 Celebration


Winning Non-Profits Collect WRAL Azaleas in 2007 Celebration

WRAL Azalea Celebration
CBC distributes over 10,000 azaleas on Saturday, Oct 6th as part of the 2007 WRAL Azalea Celebration.

The WRAL-TV Transmitter in Auburn got a lot more traffic than usual on Saturday, October 6, 2007.   Non-profit groups from all over North Carolina descended on the site to receive the azaleas awarded each organization as part of the WRAL Azalea Celebration.

CBC partnered with WRAL-TV, MIX 101.5, NC Beautiful and Encore Azaleas for the event.  Non-profits applied for the plants, outlining their plans for using them in the landscaping at their location.  Winning groups came and picked up their plants on the designated Saturday.

CBC’s Tim Grissom (left) congratulates Two Green Thumbs Garden Club on winning 1st place in the A.J. Fletcher Awards.
Directing Traffic
CBC’s Rodney Collier directs traffic as groups show up to pick up their plants.

“The 22nd annual Azalea Celebration was a great success,” said Corporate Property Management Manager Tim Grissom.  “We awarded over 10,000 plants to 144 different groups from across the state.”

Encore Azaleas donated 1440 3-gallon plants for the Azalea Celebration.  Those azaleas were awarded as a bonus to the other plants the groups received. 

2007 A.J. Fletcher Award Winners
1st Place - Two Green Thumbs Garden Club
Two Green Thumbs Garden Club (Knightdale, NC)
2nd Place - Just-A-Mere Garden Club
Just-A-Mere Garden Club (Dunn, NC)
3rd Place - Scotch Gardeners Garden Club
Scotch Gardeners Garden Club (Laurinburg, NC)

Three groups won special recognition as part of the 2007 WRAL Azalea Celebration.  Three years after having won azaleas in the WRAL Azalea Celebration, each non-profit is eligible for an A.J. Fletcher Award.

The A.J. Fletcher Awards were presented to

  • 1st Place: Two Green Thumbs Garden Club located in Knightdale, NC.
  • 2nd Place: Just-A-Mere Garden Club located in Dunn, NC
  • 3rd Place: Scotch Gardeners Garden Club located in Laurinburg, NC

Grissom presented the awards at the distribution.

Plant loading began at 8am.   The NC State Soccer team and several Boy Scouts worked as volunteers, helping load the plants.  The last plant left the site around 2pm.



The N.C. State Men’s Soccer Team & several Boy Scouts volunteer their time to help with the plant loading.
A caravan of vehicles arrive at 8am to receive their group’s azaleas.
Azalea distribution
Non-profit staffers and volunteers help haul azaleas to trucks & cars.
Little helper
Even the littlest ones help load the plants.
CBC’s Tim Grissom (left) presents the Just-A-Mere Garden Club with the 2nd place A.J. Fletcher Award.
Azalea Distribution
The field of potted azaleas make their way onto vehicles.
Azalea Distribution
The morning goes quickly as plants disappear.
Truck loading
Trucks of all sizes picked up plants.

Thanks to Corp’s Tim Grissom for these capcom photos.


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