WRAL-FM’s Motter Among 2007 Fall Leadership Triangle Grads

WRAL-FM’s Motter Among 2007 Fall Leadership Triangle Grads

“This experience allowed me to slow down…stop and think…and to reach within my soul to bring out the very best I have to offer as a leader in both my personal and professional life in our community.”
– WRAL-FM Senior Account Executive Steve Motter

Steve Motter & Jim Goodmon
WRAL-FM’s Steve Motter (left) receives his Leadership Triangle diploma from CBC’s Jim Goodmon.

The latest class of Leadership Triangle participants became Goodmon Fellows on Thursday, November 29, 2007.   The group graduated in American Tobacco’s Bay 7 in downtown Durham at a noon luncheon in their honor.  CBC had a representative among them in WRAL-FM Senior Account Executive Steve Motter.

Leadership Triangle holds its Leadership Development Class each fall, in which participants work in small groups with a coach.  At each class the participants also had key leaders in the Triangle speak about aspects of leadership. 

“Blindfolded walking around aimlessly arm in arm, outbidding other teams on oranges at an auction, becoming an actor during role playing at a board meeting, bouncing tennis balls to earn points…” said Motter.  “I was blessed to be in a class with twenty great friends to experience all of these things together for a common cause…to become better leaders in whatever path we create!”

Valerie Ward
ATC’s Valerie Ward cuts the cake for the celebration.
Goodmon Fellows
The latest Goodmon Fellows stand in front of the applauding crowd.

CBC is a sponsor of Leadership Triangle.  CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon serves as Board Chair; he spoke at the graduation ceremony and presented diplomas to the new Leadership Triangle alums.

Since joining the WRAL-FM staff eight years ago, Motter has been awarded the WRAL-FM Salesperson of the Year twice, both in 2001 and 2005.  He can now list Leadership Triangle alum as one of his many accomplishments.

Winkie La Force
LT Executive Director Winkie La Force congratulates the graduates on their accomplishments.
A crowd fills American Tobacco’s Bay 7 for the ceremony.
LT Grads
The Leadership Triangle grads get front row seats for the program.
Chris Downey & Paul Pope
FOX 50’s Chris Downey (left) chats with ATC’s Paul Pope before the lunch gets underway.

“What was amazing was that 20 people from ALL different walks of life…business environments..…personal lives…ALL experience the same challenges and are seeking for the answers of how to become better leaders in whatever we do!” said Motter.  “The experience allowed me to slow down and dig deeper within myself to find great leadership qualities and skills…and how I can use them in both my personal and professional life.”   

LT Coaches
The Leadership Triangle coaches, including former CBC’er Peter Anlyan (2nd from right) pose for a group shot.
Jim Goodmon
CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon charges the LT grads with the responsibility of promoting regionalism.
Steve Motter
Motter said: “To quote my wonderful Coach Doris…’don’t EVER let anyone’s DRAMA become your TRAUMA!’  (And there’s many more golden nuggets from her!)”
The grads make their way down the steps to the stage on the Bay 7 floor.
Steve Motter & Winkie La Force
Motter (left) listens as Winkie La Force celebrates his experience in Leadership Triangle.
Steve Motter
WRAL-FM’s Steve Motter (left) shares what he’s learned with his wife, Jamey (right) and fellow LT grad Doug Warf.
LT Grads
Motter (right) joins his fellow LT grads for a pose with their coach Doris Barksdale & Jim Goodmon(center left & right).


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