WRAL-TV’s 19th Annual Coats for the Children Campaign Results in Warmer Winter for Triangle Kids

WRAL-TV logo WRAL-TV’s 19th Annual Coats for the Children Campaign Results in Warmer Winter for Triangle Kids
Coat sorting
Volunteers help sort over 5,500 coats donated by generous WRAL-TV viewers.

Thousands of Triangle children will be warmer this winter thanks to the generosity of WRAL-TV viewers.

WRAL-TV’s 19th annual Coats for the Children brought in over 5,500 coats for needy children in the Triangle.  The campaign ran during the last two months of 2007, including the traditional daylong telethon which took place on Friday, December 14th. 

Viewers donated via phone lines and online at WRAL.com.  And viewers brought coats by the WRAL-TV station and participating Jiffy Lube and Capital Bank locations.

Loretta Harper-Arnold
WRAL-TV’s Loretta Harper-Arnold is a regular at the coats sorting.
Volunteers donate their time on the annual sorting day.

“With a recipe of compassion from WRAL TV5 and mission based service from The Salvation Army, one could not expect any better results than those of the annual Coats for the Children campaign,” said Salvation Army Commanding Officer Major Al Smith.

Salvation Army staffers
Salvation Army staffers play a big role in the sorting (l to r): Christine Shaw, Director of Social Ministries; James Scott, employee & Ashley Delamar, Director of Operations and Communications.

Volunteers sorted the coats on Saturday, January 12, 2008, at the Salvation of Army of Wake County’s future new office location.  The site is currently a warehouse used for storage but will soon serve as the newly expanded offices for the Salvation Army.

“The Salvation Army can meet needs only with support from the community,” said Smith.  “The WRAL Coats for the Children campaign serves as a two decade example of community support and leadership at its finest.”

Photo Gallery
David Gill
WRAL-TV’s David Gill gets things moving.
James Farmer
WRAL-TV’s James Farmer spends the morning helping.
|Post 5
CBC’s Paul Pope (left) & WRAL-TV’s James Farmer (center) pose for a shot with several Post 5 members who came to volunteer.
Post 5 Volunteer
A Post 5 member helps close up the boxes.
Mothers & children come to donate their help.
Volunteers sift through the over 5,500 coats in the Salvation Army warehouse.
Thanks to all volunteers who helped sort coats & to all WRAL-TV viewers who contributed coats or funds. Paul Pope
CBC’s Paul Pope helps haul boxes.
Fraternity members show up en masse to help out.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Stacie Holyfield for these capcom photos.


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