MIX Raises Miraculous Amount for Kids at Duke

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MIX Radiothon total
MIX staffers are overwhelmed as they unveil the total for the 2008 Radiothon: an incredible $1,175,759.71.

Last February the staffers at WRAL-FM MIX 101.5 were floored when the Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital crested the million dollar mark for the second time in the event’s history.   Well, the final results of the 14th Annual Radiothon for the Kids at the Duke has MIX stunned and overwhelmed as they brought in $1,175,759.71 for the 2008 event.

The three day event took place on February 12-14, a Tuesday through Thursday, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The announcement with the total took place as the phone lines closed on Thursday evening.  The amount raised increased almost 17% over last year.

MIX Morning Show Co-Hosts, Bill Jordan and Sheri Logan, broadcast live for the three day event, interviewing the kids at Duke, their families and hospital personnel,

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Young Kiera, here on the air, is what the Radiothon is all about. She’s slated to receive a bone marrow transplant next week.

“Each year I watch Radiothon take on a distinct aura and energy that seems to capture everyone involved and pulls them to the last day and a dollar amount that remains unknown until the final phone call is taken,” said WRAL-FM Vice President & General Manager Ardie Gregory.  “The 2008 Radiothon took on a magical feel starting at 6am on the 12th and that feeling stayed with it until 6pm on the 14th and the results speak for themselves.”

MIX 101.5 runs the Radiothon as part of the Children’s Miracle Network.  Hitting the million dollar mark in 2007 moved the event into an elite club nationwide.  WRAL-FM is in by far the smallest market in that group, raising as much as stations in many of the country’s biggest cities.

“This tremendous success is a reflection of the tireless efforts of our outstanding Development Office and the generosity and good will of the MIX 101.5 family and our many volunteers,” said Dr. Joseph St. Geme, Chair of Duke’s Pediatrics Department.  “I feel very proud to be a part of this event and the impressive effort that it involves.”

David Crabtree
WRAL-TV’s David Crabtree stops by the Radiothon to take a few calls on the phone bank.
Bill Jordan, Don Meade & Sheri Logan
WRAL-FM’s Bill Jordan (left) & Sheri Logan (right) pose with Don Meade from Atreus Homes, a big contributor the event.
Forester's Phone Bank
Forester’s sponsored the phone bank, which pulled in a record-breaking $181,000 in one hour with a $60,000 challenge from the company.

MIX not only made history with the final total, but during the event as well.  MIX 101.5 Assistant Morning Show Producer Vanna Fox worked extra hard behind the scenes to bring in corporate sponsors for the Radiothon this year.  She brought in Forester’s, who sponsored the phone bank and a power on Wednesday, February 13th.  During that hour, Forester’s pledged to match all donations up to $60,000.  MIX listeners called in and went online to donate over $121,000.  With Forester’s $60,000 match, MIX brought in over $181,000, making a Radiothon record for the most money ever raised in one hour.

MIX is still reeling from the amazing success.

The children at Duke, and their families, are the well-deserving winners in the 14th annual Radiothon.

“We held our first Radiothon in 1994 and raised $125,000 in 5 days, fast forward to the 14th annual and we raised $1,175,759 in 3 days bringing our 14 year total to $9,725,610….WOW!” said Gregory.

The funds raised will help Duke better help the patients and their families at Duke Children’s Hospital. Those patrons are the true winners in this historic success.

“It’s an incredible 3-day event staffed by dedicated volunteers to help a truly special facility and its patients,” said WRAL-FM Program Director Barry Fox of his first year working on Radiothon.  “I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am to be associated with this annual event and want to thank everyone that made a contribution.”

It’s not too late to be part of the miracle:

Thanks to Robyn Soffera at the Duke Development Office for these capcom photos. Thanks to WRAL.com’s Nathan Clendenin for the capcom photos of the results above, and for all of the photos in the slideshow.

14th Annual MIX Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital

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