Microspace Expands Expert Resource Network Nationwide


Microspace Expands Expert Resource Network Nationwide

Links Broadcasters to Experts on Financial, Economic, International and Healthcare Issues

Expert Resource Network Microspace recently announced that its Expert Resource Network (ERN) has added hundreds of new subject matter experts from around the country including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta and Boston. Since it was launched in 2005, ERN has added thousands of experts on critical issues important to today’s consumers– from the housing market to banking to public health — to top leading media outlets including Fox News, Bloomberg, CNN, ABC and MSNBC.

To stay competitive in today’s market, broadcasters need to be able to provide their viewers with the latest breaking news and analysis immediately. As a result, broadcasters have increasingly turned to ERN to quickly book nationally recognized experts to discuss the economy, presidential race, healthcare and other timely topics.

“The Expert Resource Network has become a very effective tool for our broadcast customers,” said Joe Amor, Microspace general manager. “We are committed to growing the network and creating a one-stop-shop for national broadcasters to secure expert resources for their news stories.”

For example, Dr. Anthony Atla is a leading stem cell researcher and a part of the Expert Resource Network. As director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, he has been successful in isolating stem cells from human skin, expanded them in the laboratory and coaxing them into becoming fat, muscle and bone cells. He is contacted often by national and international outlets for on-air briefings and interviews on stem cell research.

ERN is a time-saving and cost-efficient service that streamlines the liveshot production process for news producers in media markets nationwide. Launched in 2005, ERN now provides subject matter experts across dozens of industries including technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, financial and energy.

How it Works
By accessing ERN, news producers can quickly and easily find thousands of experts from almost every major university in North Carolina including Duke, Wake Forest and North Carolina State University in addition to the top corporations and management consulting firms. ERN enables broadcast and cable networks seeking subject matter experts to connect remotely, via satellite or fiber feeds.

To locate and secure a subject matter expert, visit the ERN portal at www.microspace.com/ern/ern_index.shtml or contact Bonnie Southard at (919) 850-4500.


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