Former President Jimmy Carter Visits WRAL

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Former President Jimmy Carter Visits WRAL

Jimmy Carter & David Crabtree
WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree (right) interviews former President Jimmy Carter.

Security at WRAL-TV was a little tighter than normal on Thursday, May 1, 2008.   The reason?  Former President Jimmy Carter stopped by the station for an exclusive interview with WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter David Crabtree.

The pair discussed Carter’s new book “A Remarkable Mother,” as well as touching on his opinions on the current race for President and the Middle East.

Camera view
Carter & Crabtree chat on camera in WRAL-TV’s Studio A.
Jimmy Carter & Alison King
WRAL-TV Broadcast Technician 2 Alison King (right) outfits former President Carter with his microphone.

“A Remarkable Mother” is Carter’s 25th tome.  It chronicles the legacy of Lillian Carter.

“It’s a delightful read, if I say so myself,” commented Crabtree to the nation’s 39th President. 

When Crabtree asked Carter what he considered the most remarkable thing about his mother, Carter responded, “Mama has an indomitable spirit, outspoken almost to an extreme degree.  She used whatever talent or ability or opportunity she had to change things that she thought were wrong.  She never did fear condemnation or criticism or even ostracism.”

Carter spoke of his mother’s ability to stand up for her beliefs regardless of the opinions of others.

“She devoted her life to condemning racial segregation in one of the most conservative areas of south Georgia,” he said.  “She was pretty much impervious to criticism.”

Jimmy Carter
Former President Jimmy Carter talks about his latest book, a tome about his mother.
On air
WRAL-TV Crew Chief Tim King (left) gives last minute instructions as Carter & Crabtree prepare to go live.

The interview streamed live on at 3pm. 

“[M]other devoted her whole life to helping other people,” said Carter.  “…She believed in peace and justice and humility and service, forgiveness, compassion, love.  She was the epitome of what a superb American citizen ought to be.”




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