CBC Wins Award for Wellness Benefits from NC Prevention Partners

CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon (right) is congratulated by NCPP Board Vice Chair Gregg Stave (left) & Board Member Denese Lavender.

Capitol Broadcasting Company is once again being awarded for its attention to employee health and wellness.   CBC has received the 2008 NC Prevention Award for Business Excellence from NC Prevention Partners (NCPP).  The organization presented the award at its annual meeting on Tuesday, June 3, 2008, at The Carolina Club in Chapel Hill.  The awards presentation followed a luncheon and afternoon keynote address by CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon.

NCPP recognized CBC for its extensive Work-Life program which supports employee health and offers multiple wellness opportunities.  Be Active CBC is the cornerstone of the CBC’s wellness program, which uses positive reinforcement to help employees be healthier.  CBC now has an on-site Weight Watchers program, conducts annual Health Fairs for employees and spouses, and a CPR/First Responders training program.

See For Yourself:
Watch a Video Excerpt of Jim Goodmon’s Speech

Watch a Video of Jim Goodmon’s Award Presentation

CBC Table
CBC’ers attend the awards event to celebrate the company’s dedication to wellness, including Human Resources VP Jan Sharp (center).
Jim Goodmon
Jim Goodmon gave the keynote address for the afternoon, a highlight of NCPP’s Annual Meeting.

NC Prevention Partners Press Release Excerpt

2008 NC Prevention Award Winners

Business Excellence: Capitol Broadcasting Company.
CBC has designated an extensive Work-Life program to support staff health, and offers several wellness opportunities. Its “Be Active CBC” program, launched in 2002, uses positive reinforcement to help employees be healthier. Nearly two-thirds of CBC’s employees have already enrolled in the program. It offers health education, a walking program, reimbursements for health-club usage and nutrition management assistance. Through its subsidized Weight Watchers program, CBC employees have lost a significant amount of weight.


“Over the past decade, we have fostered strong prevention policies through strategic planning and partnerships,” said NCPP Executive Director Dr. Meg Molloy.  “With your help, we are leading North Carolina in the fight to reduce preventable illness and early death from tobacco use, poor nutrition, physical inactivity and obesity. I congratulate all of this year’s winners and nominees on their hard work.”

Several other businesses and individuals were honored at the event as well.

Jim Goodmon
Goodmon speaks about the need for reform in NC’s legislature & mental health systems.

At the afternoon event, Goodmon spoke about  the need for reform in our legislature and mental health systems.  He also talked about how NCPP should be proud of themselves for having a definite focus. Goodmon said, “The nice thing about Prevention Partners is that you all have a vision that we can do better.”

“What is about Prevention Partners that’s allowed them to accomplish so much over the last 10 years?” he asked.  “First of all, you’re working on the right thing.  How do you define what the right thing is?  Well, you define the right thing by thinking about the community members.  Not your interest or my interest or anybody else’s individual interest.  You ask the question, ‘How are we doing?  How are we doing in North Carolina?’”

NCPP is a statewide non-profit organization that develops programs to support good nutrition, physical activity and quitting tobacco.  The organization works to reduce preventable illness and early death from tobacco use, physical inactivity and poor nutrition, which currently cost NC $39 billion each year. 

NCPP’s ten year report is available online at www.ncpreventionpartners.org/reportcard.

Jim Goodmon (right) receives the NCPP Award from Board Member Denese Lavender.
The crowd celebrates NC companies & individuals who work hard to promote good health.



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