NCNN Looks at Plight of North Carolina Teen Mothers

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NCNN Looks at Plight of North Carolina Teen Mothers

While the teen child birth rate has declined sharply from a decade ago, it’s estimated that more than 19,000 North Carolina teenagers will become pregnant this year.

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NCNN 5-part series “Unplanned Parenthood”
NCNN Series
will air on WRAL-FM, 99.9 The Fan & NCNN affiliates
weekend of June 14th & 15th

WRAL-TV Focal Point Documentary “Love Child”
will air on WRAL-TV
Wed, June 18th at 7pm

Research finds that these teenage mothers are more likely to drop out of school, remain unmarried, and live in poverty. In fact, the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy has estimated the ripple effect of these unexpected pregnancies costs North Carolina $312 million annually.

In “Unplanned Parenthood” the North Carolina News Network examines what happens to the young mothers, and explores the challenge of keeping the fathers involved in the lives of their newborns.

The five-part series follows two teenage mothers and one teenage father as they openly discuss how this unexpected event has forever shaped their lives.  The series also examines successful programs at the county-level that are helping these teen parents return to school to complete their education.

WRAL-FM, WCMC-FM, and affiliates of the North Carolina News Network will air the series the weekend of June 14th and 15th.

The series will also be available online starting June 16th. Visit:

WRAL-TV will air its next Focal Point documentary, “Love Child,” about teen pregnancy on Wed, June 18th at 7pm. Stay tuned to capcom for details.

Thanks to NCNN’s Clayton Henkel for this capcom story.



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