GOLO Launches New Feature – GOLO Groups

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GOLO Launches New Feature – GOLO Groups

GOLO groups GOLO has launched a brand new feature to enable users to connect directly with members who share similar interests on a highly personalized level.   GOLO Groups hit the Net in mid-June.

“This feature is ideal for individuals, organizations, business professionals and anyone else interested in communicating based on interests and most importantly having the tools to make it easy and fun,” said GOLO Managing Editor Angela Connor.

Some of the features include:

  • Group e-mail
  • Group Blog and Image Galleries  
  • Group URL
  • Private and Public Groups
  • Groups by invitation only 
  • Special Announcements Area
  • E-mail invitations to non-GOLO members

For directions on how to start your own GOLO group, click here.

For example, one new group is called “GOLO Greenies” and for members who strive to live greener and make choices to reduce our carbon footprints day-to-day.  GOLO Online Community Moderator Tara Stanford featured the group in her blog “Shades of Green” where she explores what being “green” really means.

Other groups include a GOLO group for parents of students in year-round schools, a single parents corner and a daily commute group.

About GOLO
GOLO is an online community supported by WRAL.com and offers users the opportunity to make friends, post blogs, share photos and much, much more.


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