WRAL Expands 2008 StormTrack Special to Help Inform Viewers

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WRAL Expands 2008 StormTrack Special to Help Inform Viewers

StormTrack 2008 No major storms have hit the North Carolina coast yet this hurricane season, but WRAL-TV wants you to be ready.   This year WRAL’s annual hurricane preparedness special is expanding to one-hour.  StormTrack 2008 airs on WRAL-TV at 7:00pm on Thursday, July 31st.

WRAL-TV Chief Meteorologist Greg Fishel will share some of his most unique tools in the WeatherCenter to predict the path and impact of a storm.  He even goes INSIDE a hurricane to illustrate wind force and storm surge.

StormTrack 2008
Thursday, July 31st


The most important focus of the special is “turn around, don’t drown.”  Flooding is the number one killer during a major storm.  WRAL seeks to remind our viewers who’ve lived through a hurricane just what a storm can do and enlighten our new residents about those dangers.

As a new feature this year, WRAL will count down the top 5 most destructive hurricanes in North Carolina history.  Viewers can go on WRAL.com to vote for their pick and then see if it makes the list during the special.

WRAL-TV News Producer Martha Woodward has put the special together, and Fishel & WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Bill Leslie host.

From protecting your home to surviving the storm, WRAL wants you to be ready.



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