WILM’s Digital Transition Is On the Air


WILM’s Digital Transition Is On the Air

Viewers are beginning to see a positive change when they tune in to WILM on their television.   Pictures now appear crisper and cleaner than ever due to the new and improved digital signal that broadcast viewers have been anxiously awaiting.            

WILM Coverage Map
WILM is now bringing high-definition television to its viewers.

At 6:08pm on Sunday August 17, 2008, WILM proudly flipped the switch that would begin the testing portion of their digital broadcast signal.  Testing is now complete and viewers can watch Wilmington’s CBS affiliate in High Definition or via cable, satellite, or by converter box hooked to an over-the-air antenna paired with a standard definition television set. 
CBS 10 WILM viewers can now find the channel’s signal over-the-air on channel 10 or manually tune in to channel 40 on High Definition sets.  Some viewers may need outdoor UHF antennas to receive the station, depending on where they live.
“We are absolutely ecstatic about the digital television transition” commented Constance H. Knox, General Manager of WILM-TV.  “WILM now covers the majority of Wilmington’s DMA (designated market area), which includes New Hanover, Pender, Bladen, Columbus, and Brunswick counties.  The station now even covers southern parts of Sampson and Duplin counties.  In essence, Wilmington’s DMA now has its own CBS affiliate over the air for the first time in fourteen years” said Knox.
WILM continues to make history with participation in this event on September 8th.
In addition, WILM was the first in the market to deliver a high definition regional news broadcast with the WRAL newscast.  As September 8th quickly approaches, Knox advises, “Make sure viewers are ready for the Digital Television switch.  The transition is less than two weeks away.” 

For more information regarding the digital television transition users can go to www.wilm-tv.com and follow the ‘DTV Switch’ link.

Thanks to WILM’s Bethany Watkins for this capcom story & graphic.


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