WRAL is Your Election Station

WRAL-TV is your election station.  On Tuesday, November 4th, citizens in our viewing area will join those across the country in voting for President and much more.   “Campaign 2008:  Election Night” will bring you the results on WRAL from 7:00-11:00pm, with local cut-ins at 25 minutes and 55 minutes into the hour.

Election 2008WRAL will begin airing results on WRAL-TV, the WRAL NewsChannel, WILM and WRAZ on the lower third of the screen as soon as they begin coming in. 

At 11pm, WRAL-TV will air an extended local news, following which WRAL will return to CBS’ “Campaign 2008:  Election Night” until 2am.The WRAL Newschannel will air election coverage from 7:30pm until midnight. 

WRAL.com will have a slate full of news & updates as well, including Real-time election results from ALL 280 races in North Carolina, and national results from across the country for President, Senate, House, and Governor races.  WRAL.com will live stream continuous coverage from 7:30pm to midnight, live stream candidate speeches, and have live blog posts from visitors, reporters, editors – everyone!

WRAL-TV Anchors David Crabtree & Pam Saulsby will anchor the station’s coverage, with Debra Morgan & Cullen Browder adding analysis and insight into key races.  WRAL-TV Reporter Dan Bowens will be in Chicago with the Obama camp, and Renee Chou will be in Phoenix with McCain.  WRAL will have eight live trucks deployed across the state covering key candidates in N.C. races.

So whether online or at your television set, tune in to WRAL-TV on Nov 4th – Your Election Station.



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