CBC Charlotte Stations Host Red Carpet Event To Benefit Humane Society

Red Carpet event
WJZY & WMYT turn the movie premiere of “Hotel for Dogs” into a benefit for the Humane Society.

WJZY and WMYT participated in a “Red Carpet Movie Event” with the opening of “Hotel For Dogs” on Saturday, January 17, 2009.   The event benefited the Humane Society and helped to promote the adoption of pets.  Folks gave monetary donations, dropped off newborn puppy and kitten supplies, and donated pet food.

The client, Pet Essentials, joined WJZY & WMYT onsite for the event and gave out great doggie bags full of samples, toys and treats for our four legged friends.

The Humane Society had lovable and ready to adopt puppies on site for folks to fawn all over as they went in and out of the movie theater.

WJZY & WMYT tents
WJZY & WMYT both have sign-ups for giveaways and hand out goodies in their tent outside the theater.
Cash Cow
The WJZY Cash Cow stands guard outside the opening for the movie “Hotel for Dogs.”

In their tents, WJZY & WMYT staffers registered people to win tickets to see the movie “Hotel for Dogs” and for Family Four Packs to the Circus, in addition to handing out WJZY and WMYT goodies.

Thanks to WJZY/WMYT’s Angela Golden for this capcom story & photo.


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