Students Learn About News Business at Groundhog Shadow Day

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Steve Hammel
WRAL-TV VP & GM Steve Hammel talks to middle & high school students who are visiting WRAL for Groundhog Shadow Day.

Several new faces could be seen in the halls at WRAL-TV on Friday, February 6, 2009.   Some could be future anchors, news directors or crew members.  So why were they here now?  A group of middle and high school students from Wake County Public Schools visited the station as part of the annual WCPSS Groundhog Shadow Day.

The students spent the morning in Studio A hearing from a variety of WRAL-TV staffers. 

“I think it’s important that we’re involved with Groundhog Shadow Day because these students are our future—our country’s future,” said WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Steve Hammel.  “It’s one thing to talk about the need for enlightened students—it’s another to take a vital, active role in helping improve our future.”

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John Conway
CBC NMG Director of Creative Services John Conway explains the role of in the station’s operations.

The students learned about the role of new technology in the news industry from CBC NMG Director of Creative Services John Conway.

Conway told the students, “The key is being a good writer, anywhere in the media industry.”  He also told them the biggest growth in the media is using phone to access news.

The group also heard about sales, operations, promotion, engineering and more before taking a tour of the station and newsroom just before the noon newscast.

“Not only was I impressed with the students, but I was impressed by each of our Departments giving a solid overview of every aspect of the Station,” said Hammel.  “It was great to see Ken Smith so invested in the program as he hosted the students throughout the day.  Not only did the students get an insight into David Crabtree, but so did I as he explained the importance of good journalism and integrity.”

Groundhog Shadow Day

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