CBS 10 WILM Sees Outstanding Results with March Mayhem Bracket Contest!

CBS 10 WILM has teamed up with to host their first annual “March Mayhem Bracket Contest.”   March Madness enthusiasts can log-on to to test their knowledge of this year’s college basketball teams.  WILM couldn’t be happier with the online response thus far.

With only one official day of ‘March Madness” complete, there are already over 800 individual players that have registered via WILM’s website.  Online hits are at an all-time high with the combination of WILM’s recent Amazing Race Open Casting Call and the March Mayhem Bracket Contest.

March MayhemOnce registered to play, contestants can fill out round-by-round brackets, and if entered before March 19th, could have the chance at winning $1,000,000 with a perfect bracket.  Players can peruse through fan pages,check-out local and national prizes, and size up their competition.  The web-site is entertaining and useful at the same time.

Perhaps one reason why the contest has produced such great results has something to do with cross promotion.  WILM, along with two Sunrise Broadcasting radio stations, ESPN Radio and Surf 98.3 FM have been promoting the Bracket Contest.  Radio listeners and WILM viewers have all been urged to log-on to register and win.  This avenue of advertising seems to be a growing trend ever since the acquisition of Sunrise Broadcasting radio stations into the Capitol Broadcasting family.

WILM’s Steve Klem commented, “We could not be more thrilled about the success of the March Mayhem Bracket contests.  It has exceeded our expectations this year and we are excited to see how much this contest can grow in future years.”  Klem added that the WILM website has had more hits in the last week than ever before.

There are more registrants entered in the March Mayhem Bracket Contest than any other promotional contest that WILM has hosted before, and with more than two weeks left before the NCAA Championship match-up, there is plenty of time for players to get signed-up and test their bracket skills.

Players can log-on to today until April 6th to fill out their brackets.

Thanks to WILM’s Bethany Watkins for this capcom story & graphic.

***Capitol Broadcasting Company employees and their families are not eligible to win WILM or Sunrise Broadcasting contests.***

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