CBS 10 WILM’s Amazing Race Open Casting Call a Success!

Amazing Race audition
WILM staffers help coordinate the auditioning teams & the fans.

CBS 10 WILM held their highly anticipated Amazing Race Casting Call Monday evening, March 16, 2009, at Mayfaire’s City Tavern in Wilmington.   The casting call, that was scheduled from 6-9pm, was a huge success.  A total of 226 two-person teams came out to audition for their chance at starring in The Amazing Race 15

Teams began lining up at City Tavern around 9am on a very rainy Monday morning.  By 6pm Monday evening, there were over 80 hopefuls forming their own makeshift line and awarding teams with self-assigned un-official numbers.  One thing to be sure of, these possible contestants were serious about making their way in front of the audition camera. 

Teams came prepared with their completed thirteen page applications, which described subjects such as the team’s relationship, their life goals, biggest traveling fear and even their worst phobias.  Teams dined and socialized with other hopefuls while awaiting their two minutes in the audition room. 

Amazing Race Audition
Teams waited in the rain for hours before making it to the check in table.
Amazing Race Audition
Some teams bring their own fan clubs to help them in their plea to earn a spot on CBS’ The Amazing Race.

WILM along with Z107.5, a Sunrise Broadcasting radio station, promoted the event together and showcased the exciting possibilities of television and radio working together to advertise.  Z107.5’s own ‘Amylicious’ was among those at City Tavern Monday night to host a live radio remote.  With live updates on the status of the buzzing venue, radio listeners could gather up last minute applications and hurry over to make the cut.

The Amazing Race Casting Call was such a hit that the one night event had to be extended to two.  Teams that couldn’t audition before the 11pm cutoff were asked to come back on Wednesday evening to get their audition in.  WILM’s staff was on site once again to watch the lines form and the crowds gather to finally get their shot in front of cameras.

There is no doubt that The Amazing Race Casting Call served its purpose.  Packages were sent off to CBS Casting offices Friday afternoon to make the March 24th deadline. 

WILM’s own Wendy Turner had this to add to this week’s events, “The casting call was a huge success.  We had an amazing turnout with 226 teams! Everyone I spoke with seemed to be dedicated fans of the show and were so excited to be auditioning.  It was a great time!”

Thanks to WILM’s Bethany Watkins for this capcom story & these capcom photos.



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