Montoyo Draws Strength From His Son

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Montoyo Draws Strength From His Son

Charlie Montoyo
Charlie Montoyo is getting the Bulls off to a record start in his third season with the club.

Since Charlie Montoyo became the Durham Bulls manager in 2007, the organization has seen much success. In his first two years as the manager, Montoyo coached the Durham Bulls to win back-to-back South Division Crowns. Montoyo, who attributes this success to his players’ skills, doesn’t see the club’s achievements ending this year.

“This team looks better than the ones from the last two years at the beginning. I’m saying a lot by saying that, and we have to see how our division is, but I’m excited about this club.”

Montoyo just recently returned from one of the biggest honors of his career. Montoyo served as a 3rd base coach for the Puerto Rican team in the 2009 World Baseball Classic. Though his experience was very stressful and full of pressure, he had an “awesome” time just being able to be a part of the team.

While fans in the Triangle immediately enjoyed the success Montoyo brought to the Bulls winning back-to-back South Division titles, fans around the country have been rooting for he and his family on a far more serious matter.

His younger son Alexander suffers from Ebstein’s Anomaly, a congenital heart disease. Since his birth on October 17, 2007, Alex has undergone numerous operations ranging from open-heart surgeries to having a shunt inserted. While he has progressed since birth, Alex and his family still face some challenges.

He is still fed through a feeding tube and undergoes frequent therapy but he is gaining weight and growing. He is scheduled to have another surgery this summer.

Alex has inspired his father on the field and has given him strength during the season.

“I don’t feel as much pressure managing the game or even the World Baseball Classic because of everything I have gone through with Alex and everything I have seen that kid go through. Everything is a lot easier for me. He encourages me a lot”.

One of the hardest parts about his family’s situation is that Alex’s health requires the rest of his family to remain in Arizona. With Alex’s health as precarious as it is, he cannot make the flight to North Carolina. This requires Montoyo to live apart from his family during the season, but he makes a point to visit them every off day that he has.

Montoyo is very thankful for the support he has gotten from the baseball community, including fans.

“I don’t know what I would have done if it wasn’t for the help of baseball, the Biscuits and the Durham Bulls. I am really happy, and again I thank them every day.”

Thanks to Jennifer LaBrosse for this capcom story.


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