Maniscalco Keeps Beard Growing Since Canes Keep Winning

Mike Manicalco
99.9 The Fan’s Mike Maniscalco shows off the progress on his beard after the Canes beat the Bruins to move on to the Eastern Conference finals.

Things are getting a little hairy for 99.9 The Fan Sports Director/On-Air Host Mike Maniscalco.   And it’s not just the heart attack broadcasting he’s doing for the Carolina Hurricanes.  He’s deep into the Beardathon, growing a beard for a good cause, during the Canes run for the Cup.

Maniscalco posted a new picture after the Canes victory over the Bruins to celebrate the Carolina victory in round 2 of the playoffs.  No razors and shaving cream will be on the grocery list for Maniscalco just yet. 

As the Canes move on to face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Eastern Conference Final, Maniscalco is hoping to need to sport a beard for a couple more weeks. 

“It is getting out of control quickly,” said of his goatee gone wild.

Visit Mike Maniscalco’s Beard-a-thon page, check out his chin growth & make a donation.

The Eastern Conference Finals seven game series begins tonight, Monday, May 18, 2009, in Pittsburgh.  The winner moves on to vie for the Stanley Cup, something not unfamiliar to the comeback Canes.

Maniscalco is courting more than good look with his beard.  He’s raising money to help the Kids ‘N Community Foundation for the Canes.  Visit Maniscalco’s Beard-a-thon page today, make a donation, and keep track of his growth.  And hope that he gets a chance to rival ZZ Top as the Canes go all the way.


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