99.9 The Fan Personality Helps Canes Raise $55,000 for Kids

Mike Mansicalco
99.9 The Fan’s Mike Maniscalco shows off his beard at the Canes Game 2 in their series against Pittsburgh.

99.9 The Fan Sports Director/On-Air Host Mike Maniscalco is feeling a bit lighter these days.   No, he hasn’t join Capitol Broadcasting’s on-site Weight Watchers program, he finally shaved his beard.

The reason for Maniscalco’s big shave may not be reason to celebrate.  He was growing the facial hair during the Canes post-season as long as they were winning. 

The Canes made it all the way to the Final Four of hockey – something to be proud of.  But after they lost the Eastern Conference Finals series in the Stanley Cup playoffs to the Pittsburgh Penguins, it was time for Maniscalco to get out the shaving cream.

“If feels great to shave again, I honestly thought that I would love not having to pick up a razor, but a beard is a lot of work,” he said.

Mike Maniscalco
Maniscalco shows off the difference between his bearded face, and his pre-playoff mug (on the poster beside him).
Mike Maniscalco
Maniscalco (left) gets his friends’ opinions on his post-season look.

So, why a beard?  Maniscalco participated in the Canes’ Beard-a-thon.  There is reason to celebrate that because Maniscalco helped support a great cause.

“I ended up raising $550 dollars, a modest total and the beard was actually okay, “he said. “The Canes raised $55,002 for the Kids N Community Foundation so it was an overall great success. I have gained a new found respect for the bearded men of America and I know how difficult it is to try to win the Stanley cup, but do it with a beard, that is extra weight.”

Thanks to 99.9 The Fan’s Mike Maniscalco for these capcom photos.


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