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Durham Gets Taste of Something Radically Different

Steel drummer
A steel drummer provides the perfect music for the Cuban Revolution’s VIP reception on June 30th.
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Durham and the American Tobacco Historic District are on the front line of a revolution: Cuban Revolution.

The new Cuban fusion restaurant opened to a packed house at their VIP Party on June 30th as excited members of one of the foodiest cities in America sampled the rich cuisine and culture of early ’60s Cuba.

A steel drum player, salsa dancers and plenty of signature Mojitos welcomed guests as they arrived.  The menu included a sampling of Cuban delicacies to include Manchego Con Quince (spanish cheese and quince paste), Ropa Vieja (shredded beef in tomato stew with toast), Maduros Vegan-Sushi Roll (Hummus, rice, tomato, chedder, lettuce, maduros) and “The World’s Best” Cuban Sandwich (roast pork, ham, salami, swiss cheese, pickles, mayo, mustard).

Cuban Revolution
Cuban Revolution is now open for business at American Tobacco.

For Durham, the revolution means a culinary uprising ready to depose the usual limits.  No more limited menu!  No more limited taste!  No more limited flair or limited hours. 

For ATHD, the revolution adds yet another reason to live, work play and eat at what has become the city’s most exciting destination.  

Cuban Revolution brings a track record of success and customer satisfaction to a town known for having some of the country’s most discriminating taste buds. The restaurant serves its entire menu until close (11am-midnight Sunday through Thursday; Friday and Saturday until 2 am.)

Thanks to ATC’s Valerie Ward for this capcom story & these capcom photos.


Cuban Revolution VIP Reception

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