Capitol Broadcasting on Carolina Parenting’s Family-Friendly List for 4th Time

Family-Friendly 50
CBC makes Carolina Parenting’s Family-Friendly 50 for the fourth time this year.
Ann Crittendon
Author Ann Crittendon tells the crowd that parenting skills such as multi-tasking and interpersonal skills are applicable to managing in the workplace.
Evelyn Booker
FOX 50’s Evelyn Booker (left) talks about the importance of taking time for oneself.
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On Tuesday, September 15, 2009, Carolina Parenting honored their latest N.C. Family-Friendly 50 Companies, and Capitol Broadcasting Company once again made the list.   Carolina Parenting announced the winners at their annual Women at Work Breakfast in downtown Durham at American Tobacco’s Bay 7.

Ann Crittendon, author of If You’ve Raised Kids You Can Manage Anything, delivered the keynote for the event.

“The work of raising kids is a good preparation for managing people,” said Crittendon.  Who is the original manager?  Your parents.”

Crittendon said that when she was pregnant with her first son and began reading volumes of childcare and parenting books that they contained the same material as managers’ manuals.

She stressed balance as key.  “What would an orchestra sound like if it were all one instrument?” she asked.

FOX 50’s General Sales Manager Evelyn Booker participated on a panel entitled “Building Successful Careers in a Family-Friendly Workplace” during the second half of the event.

Booker stressed the importance of attitude.  And she said of managers, “The bottom line is results.  They’re flexible if you’re accessible.”

Capitol Broadcasting made the Carolina Parenting Family-Friendly list for the fourth time this year. 


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