WILM-TV is Pushing for More Free Gas for Viewers

WILM Free Gas Winners
Daniel Jones of Wilmington (back) and his wife show off the $500 gas card he won for putting a CBS 10 WILM sticker on their car.

Back in September, CBS 10 WILM and Worsley Oil Company held a promotion awarding WILM viewers with a $50 gift card to be used at any Scotchman store on gas, drinks, or anything else the store contains.

Viewers who watched WILM and saw the Free Gas Giveaway commercial simply went into their local Scotchman, picked up a free CBS 10 WILM sticker and placed it on the back of their vehicle. Forty lucky viewers were awarded with a $50 gift card and once the promotion ended on September 24th, a random drawing was held and a $500 gift card winner was announced!

62 year-old Daniel Jones of Castle Hayne, North Carolina was ecstatic to find out he had won. Jones, whose car was spotted at the Independence Mall in Wilmington, and his wife, are both retired but drive to Wilmington often for doctor’s appointments and errands.

“This gift card will certainly be used in the months to come. We don’t drive around too much, so this will last us a long time and we are so grateful.” Jones said when both he and his wife came into WILM-TV to pick up their prize. Jones went on to say that he had seen so many stickers around town that he was shocked he had even been spotted and awarded a $50 gift card, let alone chosen for the $500 one.

CBS 10 WILM Account Executive Nicole Stone agrees with Daniel Jones. Stone, along with the other WILM employees, thought that the number of stickers spotted around town was continuously increasing, and that local citizens were getting excited about the promotion as soon as it was ending. Stone is looking into working something out with Scotchman and continuing the promotion while the excitement level is high.

“We want to keep people excited. This promotion has been one of our best, both for station publicity and the Scotchman stores,” said Stone.

Thanks to WILM’s Cyndall Russell for this capcom story & photo.



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