Satelitte Snow Scraping

John Bimrose
MCC’s John Bimrose scrapes snow off the satellite dishes at Microspace after the late January winter storm.

After snow storms like the one we had this past weekend, most of us get out to shovel the snow off our walkways or scrap the driveway.  Not so at Microspace.   There they shovel off satellite dishes.

On Saturday, January 30, 2010, MCC Manager of Wireless & Broadcast Services John Bimrose got shovel duty.  Check out these pictures of him cleaning the satellite dishes to make sure Microspace customers continued to get the same great signal they are used to.

John Bimrose John Bimrose
MCC’s John Bimrose does snow scraping of a different kind than most of us are used to.
John Bimrose

Thanks to MCC’s Jay Bell for these capcom photos.


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