WRAL-FM Comes Through Again, MIX Raises Over $1 Million for the Kids at Duke

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WRAL-FM Comes Through Again, MIX Raises Over $1 Million for the Kids at Duke

“MIX’s Radiothon is the most rewarding event anyone could ever want to be associated with. Volunteer to help next year and see if you don’t agree!”
– WRAL-FM Program Director Barry Fox

MIX 101.5’s Wayne Michaels (l to r), Lynda Loveland, Bill Jordan, and Jim Kelly (far right) present a check for $1,019,376 to Duke Chidlren’s Hospital, the results of this year’s Radiothon.
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MIX 101.5 might have to change its station name to The Miracle Network.  The folks at WRAL-FM have once again raised a total of $1,019,376 in only three days for the kids at Duke Children’s Hospital.   The 16th Annual Radiothon will go down in the history books as another big success.

“Our goal was to make the 16th Annual Radiothon the best it could be without any idea how it would play out with a down economy, high unemployment, and a recent national fund drive to help the citizens of Haiti,” said WRAL-TV Vice President & General Manager Ardie Gregory.  “Once again, the winning combination of the staffs at Duke and WRAL-FM and the amazing MIX 101.5 listeners has resulted in raising more than one million dollars, in three days, for Duke Children’s Hospital.”

MIX staffers worked from Tuesday, February 9, to Thursday, February 11, 2010, broadcasting live from the hospital lobby.  The days began bright & early with Bill & Lynda in the Morning.  Guest celebrities such as Duke Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski and WRAL-TV Anchor David Crabtree stopped by to chat with patients and make pleas on the air.

The MIX Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital is a bottom to top effort, meaning that every staffer is involved.  And all pitch in willingly, going many, many extra miles.

“After several years of spending countless hours at Duke Children’s Hospital, I was struck by something different this year.  The hope that research brings.  Whether it was a parent remembering a child who lost their battle, or a teenager celebrating health…the constant theme was the hope that Duke brings through research and development.  And at Duke, they do it with love!”
– WRAL-FM Radio Traffic Supervisor & Asst Morning Show Producer Vanna Fox

“I thoroughly enjoy working the Radiothon every year – even though our skills are hidden in the ‘dungeon’ (the accounting room)!” said WRAL-FM Business Manager Deana Byrd.  “It is such a rewarding experience, and I feel privileged to be involved and a part of the MIX family!”

Byrd’s accounting cohort agrees.

“Time flies when you’re having fun,” said WRAL-FM Accountant Beth Littesy.  “It was a lot of work and long hours, but it was fun.  Knowing you are helping your community is rewarding and I enjoyed spending time over at Duke Children’s Hospital with the staff and volunteers.”

MIX Crew
WRAL-FM’s Lynda Loveland (r to l), Bill Jordan & Wayne Michaels broadcast live from Duke Children’s Hospital during Radiothon.

The annual event has become a highlight for MIX employees and the volunteers who come to help.

“Aside from the one million dollars raised for Duke Children’s, magical things happen at Radiothon,” said WRAL-FM Promotion Coordinator Luanne Tart.  “Many different groups come together for one goal: the kids. From donors to doctors and from patients to parents, everyone is playing on the same team. I am very proud of what our listeners accomplished and also proud of the hope that Radiothon brings.”


MIX 101.5 16th Annual Radiothon for Duke Children’s Hospital

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