1550 AM ESPN Deportes to Produce Area’s First Ever Spanish Broadcast

Wolfpack Sports Network and ESPN Deportes 1550 AM teamed up to offer Triangle listeners the first ever Spanish broadcast of a North Carolina State University sporting event. The Wolfpack hosted Boston College at 2pm on Sunday, March 7, and the game was broadcast live across the Triangle on (WCLY) 1550 AM ESPN Deportes. The production was the first live local program broadcast on 1550 AM.

“The opportunity to give our local Hispanic community the first ACC Sports broadcast fully produced and aired in the Triangle is very exciting,” said Brian Maloney, General Manager of CBC’s sports radio properties. “The Wolfpack Sports Network is also breaking ground, as they offer NC State fans a sporting event with a Spanish broadcast for the first time in their illustrious athletic history. We hope this energizes fans across the Triangle and turns into something we are able to do on a more regular basis.”

ESPN Deportes Radio 1550 AM launched in October of 2009, allowing CBC to serve the sports listening needs of the area’s growing Hispanic population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Hispanic population, the largest minority group in the U.S., reached 45.5 million on July 1, 2007. North Carolina alone is host to more than 640,000 Hispanic residents.

ESPN Deportes Radio has been serving Hispanic sports fans in the U.S. since 2000 and offers a variety of sports talk programming and events, highlighted by exclusive, national Spanish-language broadcasts of Major League Baseball, Mexican League Soccer, UEFA Champions League and NASCAR.

Thanks to WRALSportsFan.com for this capcom story.



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