Local Tech Wire To Host Executive Exchange Event in Durham

CFO’s Perspective on IT
Wednesday, March 24: 11:30 a.m.
American Tobacco Campus – Bay 7
324 Blackwell St, Washington Building – Bay 7, Durham, NC 27701

Local Tech Wire It’s a tough time, but a great time, to be a Chief Financial Officer.   CFOs are finding themselves more at the center of a variety of business and strategic issues than ever before, becoming a major decision maker and influencer within the company.

From traditional balance sheet issues to a greater focus on the full range of GRC (governance, regulation and compliance) issues, CFOs are submerged in business operations and the decision-making process, particularly in areas of technology.  Compliance, risk management, ERP systems, internal controls, movement to a SaaS model, cloud computing – these areas affect the CFO as much as any other part of the organization.   As a result, it makes sense for technology professionals to understand how the CFO sees things. 

Join Local Tech Wire for a roundtable discussion with several leading CFOs to hear about their perspective on a variety of technology-related issues.   This is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the corner office.  Whether you’re a technology vendor trying to sell to a CFO, or a technology professional trying to gain budget approval from your CFO, you can’t miss this session. 

Speakers to include:
Matt Petzold, CFO for Bandwidth.com
Petra Weishaupt-Smith, CFO for DigitalSmiths

Additional speakers to be added, stay tuned!

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