WJZY and WMYT Sport a New Look at Career Fairs

WJZY/WMYT Job Fair Display
WJZY & WMYT have revamped their Career/Job Fair set up.

Gone are the days of big, cumbersome display setups for Career/Job Fairs…WJZY and WMYT have several new, high tech table top and banner stand displays for Career Fairs and on-site events throughout the year that practically set up with a snap of a finger!

Believe me…if you are the person who has to set up and handle these items…Christmas came early this year!!

These new items not only aid in set up but also help to add to the overall professional look WJZY/WMYT want to present to potential employees.

“Participating in area Job Fairs is a great way for our TV stations to market our available opportunities to those in the community searching for employment,” said WJZY/WMYT Business Manager Jacqueline Draper.

Jacqueline Draper Robert Castillo
WJZY’s Jacqueline Draper (far left) & WJZY’s Robert Castillo (far right) greet job seekers at a recent Career Fair.

“Many folks don’t even realize the different job areas within a TV station that they might be qualified for and the new displays are helping to get the word out,” added Draper.

WJZY, WMYT, and the entire CBC network are fantastic places to work and now when we are on the road we look it! In addition to the displays there are new tablecloths and a display rack for literature.

Thanks to WJZY’s Angela Golden for this capcom story & to WJZY’s Jacqueline Draper & WJZY’s Robert Castillo for these capcom photos.


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