Cycling under a BULL MOON

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Cycling under a BULL MOON
From George Habel’s Blog “Note to Self”

Bull Moon Ride The Bulls sponsor, host and promote the Bull Moon bicycle ride. The 2010 circuit (the evening of Saturday, July 10th ) was a big success raising over $30K for Durham Habitat. That will jump-start construction of a new Habitat home, and it will put another Bull City family on the path to home ownership.

I step aside and give the credit to 567 riders and the title sponsor, Cree. How appropriate that Durham’s LED manufacturer sponsored a nighttime event in need of lighting. Cree even gave-away Coleman headlamps that are made, of course, with LEDs!

I really like this event. You don’t have to be cycle-obsessed with Tour de France aspirations. It’s more of a family affair…you can take it easy…on a summertime Saturday night. There were two routes – ten and eighteen mile treks – both through downtown. The longer course incorporated the American Tobacco Trail.

The next Habitat cycling event is the Halloween Bike Ride on Saturday, October 30th. Read about last year’s ride – click here. Put it on your calendar. Don’t be scared…

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Thanks to CS’ George Habel for this capcom story.


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