Strickland Wins 2010 Sports Turf Manager of the Year

Durham Bulls logo Strickland Wins 2010 Sports Turf Manager of the Year
Scott Strickland
Durham Bulls Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland has won yet another award for his excellent work on the Bulls’ field.

The International League has announced Durham Bulls Head Groundskeeper Scott Strickland was named the league’s 2010 Sports Turf Manager of the Year. Strickland is the first Durham Bull to win the award since 1998 when Mike Boekholder won his first of five awards (one with Durham, four with Indianapolis).

“It’s definitely a great accomplishment that means a lot to me, but it really is a team effort,” Strickland said, “Front office providing support and outstanding equipment, a great field team and the support from our many partners really made this possible. Considering it happened in a year loaded with on-field events and record heat, it’s really something to receive that kind of honor from the managers around the league.”

For the nineteenth consecutive year the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues and Major League Baseball have joined forces to recognize a Sports Turf Manager of the Year in each of the minor leagues.  The award was established to recognize outstanding effort and excellence in the care and maintenance of a baseball playing surface. The leagues’ field managers all vote on the award, however, they are not allowed to vote for their home field.

Scott Strickland & Mike Birling
Durham Bulls General Manager Mike Birling (right) is proud to honor Strickland for his excellent work.

“The Bulls organization is very proud of Scott and his field team,” Bulls General Manager Mike Birling said, “His work ethic and passion for the field is evident each and every day.

Strickland will now be under consideration for the Triple-A classification’s Sports Turf Manager of the Year Award as selected by the Sports Turf Managers Association and presented annually at the Baseball Winter Meetings.

The former winners of the award are:
1992 – Barney Lopas, Richmond
1993 – Ken Magner, Norfolk
1994 – Al Dungey, Ottawa
1995 – Al Dungey, Ottawa
1996 – Larry Rhodes, Charlotte
1997 – Ken Magner, Norfolk
1998 – Mike Boekholder, Durham
1999 – Mike Boekholder, Indianapolis
2000 – Mike Boekholder, Indianapolis
2001 – Mike Boekholder, Indianapolis
2002 – Mike Boekholder, Indianapolis
2003 – Tom Nielsen, Louisville
2004 – Eddie Busque, Charlotte
2005 – Eddie Busque, Charlotte
2006 – Jake Tyler, Toledo
2007 – Jake Tyler, Toledo
2008 – Jake Tyler, Toledo
2009 – Tom Nielsen, Louisville
2010 – Scott Strickland, Durham

Thanks to DBBC’s Matt DeMargel for this capcom story & photo.


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