WRAL News Producer Turns Tracker into a Jack O’-Lantern

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Christine Bowley
WRAL-TV’s Christine Bowley found a way to put Tracker on a pumpkin.
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When Leesa Moore, WRAL-TV’s Director of News Operations & Special Projects, put out the call for some to carve pumpkins, News Producer Christine Bowley was the first to respond.

It seems that Moore wanted to place carved pumpkins on display at the WRAL-TV tent at the State Fair.

Moore is the primary owner/caregiver to the WRAL TV News dog Tracker.

Tracker, the WRAL Newsroom hound, is now also a jack-o’-lantern model.

The WRAL –TV promotion department is giving out Tracker template to visitors that will allow them to carve “Tracker” in their own pumpkin and Christine’s examples adorn the tent.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

The Making of a Tracker Jack-o-Lantern

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