WRAL-TV’s Post 5 Kicks Off Its 42nd Year

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Michelle McNeil
WRAL-TV’s Michelle McNeil explains the ins and outs of master control to the students in Explorer Post 5.
Clarence Williams
WRAL-TV’s Clarence Williams gives the students an overview of producing and directing.

Thirty local high school students had an exciting first night of the new Post 5 getting immediately immersed in the operation of the television station.  The students learned about key areas of station operations from several of WRAL’s most experienced experts. 

Producer and director Clarence Williams demonstrated the production power of a high definition studio control room.  WRAL’s creative director Shelly Leslie showed took them inside the operations of our powerful marketing machine.  WRAL Anchor Debra Morgan shared her perspective on the evolving news business and what day-to-day life in a major market newsroom is like.  And finally Master Control Operator Michelle McNeil explained the complexities of maintaining quality control over our ultimate product. 

The students were intrigued with the candid look inside the station’s operations and were already forming their own opinions on which jobs interested them most.

After years of service to the program, CBC’s James Farmer moved from WRAL-TV to American Tobacco and the Post 5 leadership baton was passed to WRAL’s new director of station operations, Jim Rothschild.

Debra Morgan
WRAL-TV’s Debra Morgan talks to the students about putting on a newscast.
Shelly Leslie
WRAL-TV’s Shelly Leslie gives an overview of the promotion side of things.

Nearly every department in the Station will be involved in the Post 5 experience by providing shadowing and mentoring opportunities, sharing working knowledge and training in specific fields, or offering members hands-on work experiences in station productions and expanding members’ exposure to new technology and production opportunities. 

The culmination of the year will be team projects to create air-worthy productions.

To learn more about the history of Post 5, check out http://cbc-raleigh.com/commun/post5_50.asp.

For further information contact Jim Rothschild, director of station operations at WRAL-TV.

Thanks to WRAL-TV’s Jim Rothschild for this capcom story & these capcom photos.

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