Lamb Takes Another Look at Parenthood with “Girls Gone Child”

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Lamb Takes Another Look at Parenthood with Girls Gone Child

Amanda Lamb
WRAL-TV Reporter Amanda Lamb recently released Girls Gone Child about the growing challenges of parenthood as our children grow.

WRAL-TV Reporter Amanda Lamb is once again tickling our funny bone and making us think with her latest book.   She recently followed up her first tell-all about being a mom Smotherhood with Girls Gone Child, which promoters are calling “a hilarious, gut-wrenching, tender journey from the cradle to the classroom.” 

Girls Gone Child recently came out in paperback and is also available via Kindle and Nook. 

Lamb writes about the work of molding little minds, when our children move from being cooing, crying babies to curious thinkers who are able to talk, share feelings and ask difficult questions.  The book is about how our children teach us as much, if not more, than we teach them.

“They force us to re-examine our own views, our own prejudices, and our own shortcomings. In short, while we believe we are raising children, they are, in fact, raising parents, one baby step at a time,” writes Lamb.

When asked to choose her favorite part of Girls Gone Child, Lamb says it’s hard to say because there are many funny and tender moments.

Girls Gone Child“Probably the most touching segment is about when my oldest daughter (now 11) almost died when she was six months old after she contracted bacterial meningitis,” said Lamb.  “It is the first time I’ve written about the ordeal. It was very difficult to write about, but also very cathartic, and I think it shows that in the midst of all of the chaos and the humor, there is a great love between a mother and a child that surpasses all understanding.”

Writing about real life in these kinds of books means writing about your family.  When Lamb was asked how her daughters and husband feel about being subjects in her books, she responded, “Luckily, the stories in this book refer to things that happened several years ago when they were 4 and 7 (now 7 and 11), so they are not so concerned about the embarrassing moments.  But, I am thinking more about what they will think as they grow older. I am very mindful when I write blogs about them for ‘Go Ask Mom’ about what their peers might think.”

She says when it comes to her husband, she gave him much more heads-up this time about what would appear in her books that follow Smotherhood.

What’s next for Lamb?  She’s currently working on another true crime novel.  She’s under contract with The Berkley Group, a division of Penguin Putnam, to publish Love Lies in August.

“This book is about a case that has not gone to trial yet, so the content is under wraps until the conclusion,” Lamb said of Love Lies.

She’s also working on another book about her youngest daughter’s prayers called I Love You to God and Back for which she is actively seeking a publisher.  Lamb says her goal fro 2011 is “to write what feeds my soul.”

So stay tuned…



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