Leslie’s Simple Beauty Named Best Acoustic Instrumental Album for 2010

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Leslie’s Simple Beauty Named Best Acoustic Instrumental Album for 2010

Simple Beauty WRAL-TV Anchor/Reporter Bill Leslie has yet another musical award on his mantle.   Leslie’s latest release, Simple Beauty, recently won the Best Acoustic Instrumental Album of 2010.  International radio hosts voted on the award; ZoneMusicReporter.com compiled the votes.

Simple Beauty was also among the top five finalists for Album of the Year.  The 14-track compilation debuted last September.

Reviewers raved over the anchor’s latest musical endeavor.

Bill Leslie
WRAL-TV’s Bill Leslie continues to receive well-deserved praise & accolades for his music.

“Musicianship, as has been constant on every CD by Leslie, is outstanding, as is production quality,” wrote Bill Binkelman of New Age Retailer.  “However, it’s the abundant sincerity, warmth, and obvious love of playing this music that elevates the CD to the heights where it deservedly resides. The album features great liner notes, as well.”

Spain’s Alejandro Clavijo González agreed.

“TV presenter and composer Bill Leslie has developed a new style; a new sub-genre stemming from Celtic music,” wrote González (translated from Spanish to English by Leslie’s niece, Nicole Miller).  “Keeping the same expression and softness, this versatile artist combines the sweet style of American Folk with the amazing music born of Ireland or Wales. … In his latest work, Bill is unfolding perfectly as a multi-instrumentalist musician, playing whistles, acoustic guitar, piano, bass and keyboards…”

Leslie is no stranger to these international honors.  His previous album Blue Ridge Reunion won Best Acoustic Instrumental Album for 2008.

ZoneMusicReporter.com tracks radio airplay worldwide for New Age, world, Celtic, electronic, solo piano, ambient, folk and many other genres of music.  They present awards annually in a variety of categories. 

More Compliments for Simple Beauty
 RJ Lannan, one of the most respected, seasoned and iconic of the New Age and World Music reviewers, had this to say about Simple Beauty for ZoneMusicReporter.com:

“Perhaps never has an album been more aptly named than Bill Leslie’s latest release Simple Beauty. I have always thought that Bill was the foremost American-Celtic musician and composer in North America and his newest music seems to uphold my theory once again. His recording of 14 enchanting and delightful tunes seems to define the genre when it comes to the Americanization of Celtic music.  Deep, thoughtful melodies combine with lavish orchestrations that soothe the spirit and add joy to anyone’s life, mine included. …Bill takes everyday blessings and celebrates them in pennywhistle paeans and orchestral odes and fills them with elation and spirit.”


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