Capitol Broadcasting’s WRAZ Launches New Digital Channel Me TV 50.2

Me TV TV viewers in the Raleigh-Durham market have a brand new, yet very familiar, digital channel called Me TV 50.2.

Me TV 50.2, which stands for “Memorable Entertainment Television”, is a free, family friendly TV channel consisting of timeless, classic TV hits from major television studios and producers.

Among the Me TV 50.2 lineup are classic, Emmy awarding winning shows like I Love Lucy, MASH, Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore, Happy Days, The Honeymooners, Hawaii Five-O, Star Trek, Perry Mason, Batman, Lost in Space, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Rawhide, The Wild, Wild West and many others.

Me TV 50.2 is also the home for the Durham Bulls TV broadcasts which include over 50 home games.

Me TV 50.2 is available now free over-the-air on WRAZ Channel 50.2 and on Time Warner Digital Cable Channel 151

“Along with the top-rated entertainment and sports programming from FOX, we are pleased to be able to offer the classic television programs on Me TV 50.2.” said Tommy Schenck, VP & GM of FOX 50 (WRAZ-TV) “Not only are we excited to give our local viewers more choices, but we can offer quality TV for free, which certainly comes in handy in the current economy.”

“We’re excited and thrilled with our new partnership with Capitol Broadcasting and Me TV 50.2,” said David Chavez, Director of SE Division of MGM Television. “They have been at the forefront of the digital television revolution, and they are a perfect fit for our network. The Raleigh-Durham TV viewers are really in for a treat!”

Me TV 50.2 will cover over 23 counties in the heart of North Carolina and will be operated out of the same Diamond View studios where FOX 50 (WRAZ-TV) broadcasts.

To recap:

  • FOX 50 (WRAZ-TV) is available: free over-the-air on Channel 50.1 and on Time Warner Digital Cable Channel 1150. FOX 50 is the home of AMERICAN IDOL, GLEE, HOUSE, BONES, THE SIMPSONS, FAMILY GUY, RAISING HOPE, the NFL, MLB, NASCAR and THE X FACTOR.
  • Me TV 50.2 Raleigh-Durham (WRAZ-DT) is available: free over-the-air on Channel 50.2 and on Digital Cable Channel 151. Me TV 50.2 is the home of classic TV shows.

For more information on FOX 50 (WRAZ-TV) and Me TV 50.2 programming, please visit

Thanks to FOX 50’s Aolani Donegan for this capcom story.


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