Four CBC’ers Join Latest Slate of Goodmon Fellows

Robert Wallace, Laura Stillman & Elizabeth Wallace
WRAL-FM’s Robert Wallace (l to r) & WRAL-TV’s Laura Stillman become Goodmon Fellows as Wallace’s wife, Elizabeth, cheers them on.
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The latest group of Leadership Triangle participants became Goodmon Fellows on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, and four CBC’ers were among the graduating class.   WRAL-FM General Sales Manager Robert Wallace, WRAL-TV Sales Manager Laura Stillman, FOX 50 Creative Services Producer Don Ursich, and American Tobacco Vice President of Real Estate Michael Goodmon took part in the Personal Leadership course during the spring.

A total of 23 Triangle citizens graduated in the 6pm ceremony in American Tobacco’s Bay 7.  The newest Goodmon Fellows had spent the day on the final session of the five- month program.

Leadership Triangle graduates
The newest group of Leadership Triangle participants become Goodmon Fellows.

The crowd enjoyed a buffet of sandwiches and then watched as the participants each took the stage for a handshake from Leadership Triangle Board Chair David Reese and Goodmon Fellow namesake CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon.  The event continued with the infamous Triangle Trivia game, led by Town of Morrisville Planning Director Ben Hitchings.  The newest Goodmon Fellows led their guests and other LT alums in a vigorous competition.

The next Leadership Triangle class, the Personal Leadership course, takes off this fall.  Applications will soon be available at

Words from CBC’s Newest Leadership Triangle Alums
If you ask the four CBC’ers who became Goodmon Fellows about their Leadership Triangle experience this spring, they will tell you that the program had quite an impact.

These four CBC’ers received their Goodmon Fellows diploma from CBC President & CEO Jim Goodmon (left) & LT Board Chair David Reese (right).
Michael Goodmon
ATC Real Estate Vice President Michael Goodmon
Laura Stillman
WRAL-TV Sales Manager Laura Stillman
Don Ursich
FOX 50 Creative Services Producer Don Ursich
Robert Wallace
WRAL-FM General Sales Manager Robert Wallace

“Leadership Triangle was an eye-opening, valuable and enjoyable experience for me,” said FOX 50 Creative Services Producer Don Ursich. “Having moved to the Triangle only 4 years ago, I knew I had a lot to learn about the area.  LT took me to places and showed me things about the Triangle that I had never seen or even knew they existed.” 

WRAL-TV Sales Manager Laura Stillman shared her thoughts.

“LT represents a crash course in understanding this community, the key issues and challenges, and the people who are making things happen,” she said. “I have learned much more about the inner workings of government, business, and non-profits, and how all must work together to effectively solve problems.  We truly have a diverse community on all levels, and the participants in LT reflect that as well!  The most valuable aspect of LT has been recognizing the different perspectives that we bring to the table, and how to channel that into something productive.”

Wallace echoed Stillman’s sentiments.

“From water, air, and transportation to the social services provided in this area, we were privileged to look and study these issues and the effect on our way of life; the effect on our local economy up close and personal,” said Wallace. “We met people directly involved in developing strategies that will continue to make the Triangle a great place to live, work, and raise our families in the midst of a struggling economy but in an area that is still quite appealing and still growing.”

The CBC group shared about their favorite course during the 5-month program.

Ursich got the most impact out of the class that involved a poverty simulation.

” It was fun and entertaining,” he said. “You had your role to play, but you soon realized that these were circumstances people deal with every day. We got stop the simulation, but there are people who live it every single day. Very powerful stuff.”

Both Stillman & Wallace were impacted most by the day spent with several organizations including The Healing Place and the Inter Faith Food Shuttle in Raleigh.

The CBC quartet was asked to share a photo of some place in the Triangle that holds special meaning for them and to create their own tagline for the photo. These were shared as part of the graduation ceremony.
Michael Goodmon
“Giddy up to regionalism! Regionalism rides on the results of cooperation.
Laura Stillman
I love the Triangle! Great weather, great causes and great bike paths to explore. Did I mention a great TV station, too?
Don Urisch
In Durham we don’t take any BULL!
Robert Wallace
I am an avid runner and one of my favorite pasttimes is running with my pal Sam on the beautiful Raleigh Greenways.

“These two organizations have fascinating stories about how they came to be, and they are just the epitome of real-life solutions to problems in our society!” said Stillman. “They have enjoyed great success in their programs, but it took years of passion, effort, and commitment.  The testimonials we heard from residents at The Healing Place were particularly moving.  These men have struggled with issues most of us never have to confront, and they have done that with dignity to get where they are.  I developed a deep respect and appreciation for them, as well as the leaders of The Healing Place who go in every day to make a difference!”

  • Wallace shared more about that same day. His words were so inspirational, capcom is sharing them all here.

All four highly recommend the Leadership Triangle Program to their colleagues and others in the area.

“Leadership Triangle will help you to better understand the topics and issues that are important in the Triangle,” said Ursich.  “It will also give you some insight into the people of the Triangle. Not just those you meet along the way, but those that you build friendships and connections with as you go through these classes together.  I encourage anyone who might be interested to go for it.  You won’t be sorry!”

Stillman agreed.

“I would certainly recommend LT to anyone who wants to contribute to this community in a meaningful way, and who just wants to develop an understanding of what’s going on here, and why,” said Stillman. “It puts all the issues of the day into a local context, and makes for a very rich experience!”

Ursich said the course taught him about the Triangle, but also helped him look inward.

“The class also made me look at myself, and think about things I could do to make the Triangle, and my community, a better place to live,” he said.



Leadership Triangle Spring Graduation

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