American Tobacco Announces Expansion Plans

ATC logo American Tobacco Announces Expansion Plans
New Projects to Enhance Downtown Durham

American Tobacco announced an exciting expansion plan last week that includes three new projects.   The expansion would boost American Tobacco’s mission is to be the most exciting place in the country to go to work, seek out entertainment and culture, and come home to live.  Under consideration are:

  1. Diamond View III: A mixed use building that would offer approximately 125,000 sq ft of world class space.   
  2. The East Deck Wrapper: Mixed use space that wraps the campus’ east parking deck.  Approximately 77,000 sq ft.
  3. The American Tobacco Annex: Mixed use space adjacent to DPAC.  Approximately 81,000 sq ft.  

The project would roll out in phases, each enhancing the downtown Durham experience.

The first step is to seek City site plan approval for these projects.  Then comes the marketing of the project to potential tenants.

The type of tenant could vary; American Tobacco has gained a national reputation for its mix offices, restaurants and more.

As is, the campus is a renowned jewel — with about one million people each year enjoying its many attractions.

Thanks to Billy Warden for this capcom story.


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